Plexus…The Why & Week 1

Why Plexus?


If you are on Facebook you probably have at least one friend who uses and/or sells Plexus. I know I do. And from those friends I have heard about all the wonderful stuff Plexus can do like help with your milk supply while nursing, make you poop regularly, help with infertility, and the list goes on and on. Seems too good to be true right? Although I’m trying it now I still don’t know if I believe it all!

Well around the same time I was seeing all these posts about Plexus my mother-in-law actually started using it. She had a friend from high school who was posting about it all the time and she became curious, looked into it, and decided to try it out for herself. She has seen many positive things come from adding it to her daily routine. Since seeing those positives, the past year and a half, she has been trying to convince my husband that it might work for my his tummy issues since it worked for her and his sister. She couldn’t really get him on board to really try it and for awhile that was that.

Fast forward some more and I got pregnant and was wanting to breastfeed. Milk supply can be a scary topic for those that don’t produce enough and I didn’t want to be one of them. I have also been hearing my mother in law talk about gut health and share that you are supposed to poop three times a day…who knew?!

That was really shocking for me because I maybe poop once every 5-10 days. But I decided I didn’t want to start taking anything while pregnant so after Booker arrived I decided I really wanted to see if this Plexus stuff was all it’s cracked up to be and after talking with my doctor I decided to give it a go…

So here we are.

I decided to start taking Plexus for a couple reasons.

  1. To help ensure that my milk supply stays good! (I haven’t had a problem with this yet but I am really nervous when I go back to work full time and have to pump more that my supply is going to tank! 😳)
  2. Pooping💩…I want to poop more often…but not too often!
  3. TMJ. Plexus is supposed to help with inflammation and I suffer from TMJ (lock jaw) which is due to inflammation!
  4. To help Jacob tbe consistent with taking the products to hopefully help with his tummy issues.
  5. An added bonus would be loosing some weight!

Week #1


My MIL shared with us a schedule about introducing the products and gradually getting up to full doses. Today is my day 10 and Jacob is on day 9 so we are taking all three parts of the Triplex now! We are also both trying to drink half of our body weight in oz of water each day. So far it’s been easy to implement and we have noticed some small changes.


Here are some things we have noticed.

  1. I started back to work this week and I seem to be making it through the day without napping which is awesome considering I am up with a newborn throughout the night. But I won’t lie…I’m still tired.
  2. We are both drinking less soda.
  3. I have pooped three times between Sunday and Thursday. That’s every other day! 💩
  4. I have had some REALLY stinky farts. I’m guessing this is from my gut being cleaned out….of bad food. 😆
  5. My milk supply hasn’t dipped since I started taking it which is a plus because I read and my doctor said that that can happen.


So far things are going well. I am happy with the direction things are going and anxious to see if thing continue to improve!



In life there are many things I want to be…a few examples are….a runner, a  photographer, a good cook a gardner….the list could go on and on.

Some of these things I have tried out. Such as running. I’ve tried the couch to 5K app multiple times. I’ve tried running inside and outside. I’m not giving up it just hasn’t happened yet.

Just like being a wannabe gardner hasn’t happened yet. Also not because I haven’t tried. I have killed many a plants. Jacob once bought be a daisy plant…I didn’t water it. In grad school I bought a money tree (hey are super easy to keep alive). I killed it. Last summer Jacob bought me a sunflower plant…you guessed it…I killed that too!

But for the last few years I have been wanting to start my own herb garden as well as get some succulents. With my track record I had been making excuses not to try it but for Easter my mother-in-law got me a mint plant and some seeds and pots for some other plants. With this experiment I not only have to keep the mint plant alive…I also have to get a plant to grow from seeds.

I planted them about a week ago but they weren’t doing too hot and I just didn’t feel good about it so I decided to replant some seeds and got these little pods that expand with water! Today I replanted all of my herbs (Basil and Parsley) and I added a seed pod of Cilantro! I also repotted my mint plant into our flower girl pail from our wedding! They are now back in the window waiting to get some sun in the morning!

Side Note: Planting/gardening is messy! No wonder most people do it outside! :]

Today I also went to Junkstock with my sister-in-law and MIL! When I went back in the fall I got this very cute planter box that I had planned to plant succulents in but never went to actually buy succulents but today Junkstock had a plant vendor so I got three from the booth! I also planted those when I got home and added some rocks to the top to cover up all the ugly soil!

Now that everything is planted I am praying that this time the wannabe gardner turns into a beginner gardner title for me! Only time will tell!

What are your gardening tips?

Life Update…Winter…Bleh

Well it’s officially spring. The winter blues blew out the open windows into this spring storm. This past winter was….CRAZY! I was very busy with works, helping to coach cheerleading, and just being a person. I didn’t get to the gym much not just because I was busy…more because it was just cold and I hate driving when there is snow! Some good things happened over the winter…..

  1. We got a new couch! (Except that they gave us the wrong kind…the chase is supposed to be on the other side! New one is coming in April)IMG_8113.jpg
  2. I got lots of crafting projects done including….our dining room light, frame wall above our bed, repainting our dressers, the book shelf I bought in August is almost done, and I decorated a window for our bedroom! (Pictures to come later!)
  3. I continued to loose a little weight and then as I got worse at working out and cooking I continued to maintain my weight! I didn’t gain it back! (I even managed to get back in my wedding dress this past weekend!!!!!)IMG_7974.jpg


    Left: March 26, 2016 Right: November 8, 2015

  4. We went to one of my bestest friends weddings in Chicago!!!!IMG_8024.jpgIMG_8025.jpg
  5. And a few weeks later we went back to Chicago to spend a long weekend with a couple we are good friends with!IMG_8248.jpgIMG_8276.jpg

Over the last few weeks I have found my grove back into eating better and being active! I think a few things have helped with this.

  1. The nice weather! We have had more beautiful days than crappy one the last month!
  2. My realization that I need to lean on God when I am struggling and realize I cannot do it all myself! ( I bought this book/journal called the Daniel Plan and it has helped me change the way I view my body!)
  3. I had another realization that I watch way too much TV. I’ve been known to make the excuse that I don’t have time but then realized for not having time I sure do watch alot of TV. I have made the decision to not let myself watch TV unless I have done some kind of activity whether that is a legit work out or taking the dog on a walk with my awesome co-worker over lunch! I am currently on week three and I have been working out 5-6 days a week! So I think it is safe to say that it is working and I am getting more done on my to do list!

Now for Spring!!!!!!

I have big plans for this spring! I hit the ground running with being active and I want to just keep running! I have decided to do another 24 day challenge through Advocare! I have gotten much better at being active but my nutrition game could use a little work after that long winter! Therefore to jump start the nutrition part this spring I am starting the challenge on April 11th! That way I have time to prepare and shop and really be ready to be on my game! If I can loose just 4lb during this challenge I will be back in the 170’s which means I am back in the top of the weight range I was in college! AHHHH that is so exciting!

I am soooo thankful that I took the challenge last summer! It has helped me loose 25lbs! I am ready to really commit to loosing again rather than just maintaining! Spring Challenge here we come!!!!


Left to Right: Before Advocare 24 Day Challenge(7/16/15), After Advocare 24 Day Challenge(8/8/15),  This Past Weekend (3/26/16).

**I would love for some people to join me in this challenge! If you are ready to make a lifestyle change and be a healthier you message me! I would love to tell you more about the challenge and how it has helped me and can help you take a step towards a healthier life! **

Pallet Headboard

Hello Everyone!

Life has gotten very crazy but two weekends ago I was able to sneak away to my in-laws to work on this awesome project!

A few months ago Jacob and I got a queen size bed! We upgraded from a full which was much needed especially now that we let a dog sleep with us. When we got this bed we didn’t have a frame for it or a headboard so right after we got the mattress we went to Sam’s club and spend around $40 on the frame. (This was WAY cheaper than buying the same thing from the mattress company!) So now our bed was off the floor but we were left with no headboard.

I spent the next month searching the internet for headboard ideas. I don’t really like your traditional bedroom set furniture idea and I didn’t really want to spend the money buying a set. Jacob didn’t really care if we had a headboard or not, what it would look like, or where we would get it. He just doesn’t like to pay much money for decorative things. And I don’t blame him. I decided that I wanted a simple wood headboard stained in a dark color.

These were the inspirations that I really liked!

6f11083b47c370714dc4f6a12f256bda drying Headboard 024_1 img_76982

At first I reached out to some wood working businesses in Nebraska and although they did amazing work they still wanted over $200 for the simple head board that I wanted! At this point I decided that I was just going to make it. Fast forward to last weekend.

On Friday night after I made it to the in-laws we headed to a local company I found that gives away pallets for FREE!!!

Saturday morning we got to work! For the design basis I used this awesome blog post I found on pinterest.

The Supplies:

Pallets – more than you think you need. Some will probably not be usuable or will break in the process

A Sawzaw or crowbar and hammer

A sanding device – 120 and 220 grit sandpaper

3 – 8 foot 2 by 4s

Screws ( I used black one)

A Drill

4 Carriage bolts

4 Wing Nuts

Stain (If you want to stain your headboard)

Total Cost: About $15

Step One: Taking Apart the Pallets

This step was terrible at first! I probably spent the first hour trying to pry the boards off with a crowbar and hammer. Many of the boards cracked pretty bad. My mother-in-law (MIL) was cleaning up broken glass from their van that had a window smashed out over night the first hour I was working on the pallets and when she was done we talked about some other ways to get the boards off. I mentioned I read online about a sawzaw. She wasn’t sure if they had one so she called my Father-in-law (FIL) Dave. And he did! So Lynda pulled it out and we got to work sawing through the nails! Man it went so much faster!


Step Two: Sanding the Pallet Wood

This step seemed to be NEVER ending. Lynda and I took turns sanding with the air compressor sander. I can’t imagine how much longer it would have taken had we used a hand sander! We sanding the boards first with a 120 grit and then with a 220 grit! It took awhile but when it was all done the boards looked and felt super nice.


Step Three: 2x4s

Next we cut the 2x4s down to the size we needed. We cut two of them to 66 inches for the width of the headboard and then two at 48 inches for the legs. 66 inches gave an extra 3 inches on each side of our 60 inch Queen sized mattress. After cutting the boards we sanded down then freshly cut edges so they were smooth to the touch. We then laid the 66 inch 2x4s 24 inches apart so they were parallel. This makes the base of the headboard.

Step Four: Laying out your wood.

Next we laid out boards in the order we wanted them on top of the two 66 inch 2x4s. I didn’t want the top of my boards to be even so I made the tallest of the boards come out 7 inches from the top of the 2×4 and the rest varied under 7 inches.


Step 5: Putting it all together

Once I had all the boards where I wanted them we screwed them into the 2x4s with black screws. Then my FIL Dave took a circular saw and cut the bottom of the boards to bed one even surface. Once that was done Dave worked on the legs to the headboard. He decided to notch out the legs of the headboard to notch in with the base 2x4s so there would not be ass thick of a back to the headboard.


Step 6: Staining

Next I stained the headboard and legs. My MIL, Lynda, and FIL, Dave, had a ton of stain around from trying to pick a stain for the dining room table that Dave was making for Lynda. I picked the stain called Honey. It is a darker color. I only needed to use one coat which was really nice.




Heading Home:

The weekend came to an end so I loaded the Rogue up with all the things! I was a bit worried the headboard wouldn’t fit but it fit perfectly.

Step 7: Assembly

Once home I could assemble the headboard and attach it to the bed frame. First I measure the distance between the holes on the bed frame that were meant for attaching a headboard. Then I traced the holes on the frame for the headboard onto the center of the headboard legs. Next I attached the headboard legs to the headboard at the distance between the holes that I measured before. Then I drilled 2 5/16 holes into each headboard leg in the area I traced.


To attach the headboard to the frame I used carriage bolts. The curved side was placed on the wall side of the headboard and the other side went through the headboard leg and through the frame. Then each of the 4 bolts were secured using wing nuts and tightened as tight as possible.

The I put the bed back together! And done!


*After finishing the headboard and sleeping with it attached to the bed it did become obvious that the headboard doesn’t sit flush or even on the wall so I am in the process of attaching some cork to the back to prevent the headboard from hitting the wall.


Moving 101


So a couple months ago Jacob and I packed up our giant apartment in Warrensburg, MO to head to our new home in Lincoln, NE! Man I did not realize that we had so much stuff! I thought it might be helpful to share some of the things I learned while preparing to pack, packing, moving, and unpacking it all!

Preparing to Pack

One word. Purge. Get rid of all the junk you don’t need. The clothes that don’t fit and even if you did you wouldn’t wear them. Those shoes that you love that are falling apart and have no hope. Get rid of it! The more you get rid of now the less there is to pack, move, and unpack! We went through our clothes, old papers, craft supplies, old bedding and towels from high school and undergrad (Jacob is not a big fan of pink), movies and books!

Also…when I say get rid of the junk I don’t mean you need to throw it all away. You could have a garage sale or take your clothes to a local consignment shop. We took some movies and old game systems to an electronic place that will buy it for cash or store credit! We probably made at least $60 in cash and $130 in store credit from a place called Gamers! Whatever you can’t sell try and donate. They the rest should probably be thrown out!

Food: This was a big one. If you are moving across town this is no big deal but Jacob and I were moving 4 hours away and couldn’t really move the contents of our fridge and freezer. The month leading up to our move we started trying to use all the random food we had left in the apartment and only bought new food that we absolutely needed. We ate alot of weird meals but it was so worth it because the amount of food we  had left at the end that we couldn’t take with us was very minimal.


Oh my this took forever! Here are some of my tips for packing!

Get lots of boxes!

I am lucky to have a dad that makes boxes for a living so we got a few more from him and had saved every box from the last time we moved a year ago! If you didn’t save all your boxes or have a dad that makes them check out your local grocery stores, Aldi, walmart, or if you work on campus sometimes the physical plant will have a bunch!

Buy quality tape

I know this seems a bit silly but I tried to buy packing tape from the dollar tree. Yes is was only a dollar but it was terrible compared to the stuff I ended up buying at walmart. If the tape won’t hold the box together the contents will end up on the ground.

Figure out a system

There are lots of ways to do this! Find out what you prefer and go that route. It all goes to the same place anyway!

  1. Write on the box where it goes (ex: Kitchen, Bedroom, Bathroom, Closet) (This is what I chose to do!)enhanced-buzz-32722-1368548244-11
  2. Get colored tape or dots – Make each color go to a certain location in your new house (pink=bedroom, yellow=kitchen) (I opted not to do this because we had a bunch of guys help us move in and I figured they wouldn’t get it or just ignore the colored stickers)7e13a70934b0fbd03056a8b6be46be27
  3. Number your boxes – I have a friend who numbered all of her boxes and made a corresponding list of what each box contained. This could be a great option if you have a moving company moving you so you make sure all of your boxes ended up in your new place. (We had a bunch of little boxes so this was not a good option for us)Moving boxes

Commence Packing

  1. Try to pack each box with things that all go to the same room. It will help later.
  2. Get creative. I used alot of our hand, dish, and bath towels to wrap our breakables. (picture)
  3. Don’t forget the empty spaces. For example pack your cleaning supplies in your empty trash can! (Picture)
  4. Packing the closet – I recommend using your packing tape to tape about 6 hangers together with the clothes still on them! Then fit two bundles of hangers (about 12 hanger) together. Make a hole in the bottom of trash bag and cover your clothes with the trash bag. This helps your clothes stay together very nicely for the trip. (Picture)
  5. Pack a 1st few days box and suitcase!   – In this box I put all the essentials we would need for the first few nights and the beginning of unpacking. Items for box included – shower curtain, towels, sheets, clorox wipes, dish soap and sponge, tool kit, first aid kit (just in case), and scissors.       Items for suitcase included – 2-3 nights worth or clothes and our toiletries we would need for that time!
  6. Give yourself time! Don’t try to pack everything in a few days. I would start a couple weeks out. Pack up the things you know you will not need like decorations, holiday items, extra towels and blankets. Pack a little every day and it makes the whole process seem less stressful. By the time both our Dad’s arrived to help us move we pretty much had everything ready to go! It made everything much easier! (My dad was also very impressed…I usually procrastinate when it comes to packing!)


This will be very different for everyone. We ended up renting a trailer from U-haul (The biggest on they have)! Jacob’s dad kindly offered to bring his truck down so we could rent the trailer over paying more for the moving truck. We loaded everything (for the most part) the night before. We have a handy dandy dollie/cart that we bought last summer before we moved back to Warrensburg. It was the best money we ever spend and definitely helped alot for this move too!


Find help! Our move would have been miserable if it was just Jacob and I. Both of our dads were there to help and we had a bunch of friends meet us in Lincoln to help unload. We bribed them with Pizza! With everyone’s help it only took us 30 – 45 mins to get everything unloaded and into the apartment which was on the second floor!

If you are moving somewhere where friends or family can’t help you load or unload U-haul has an awesome feature where you can hire a few people to help you load/unload your u-haul. I noticed it was alot more affordable than hiring a whole moving company!

Once everything is in your new place I would recommend cleaning a bit. We wiped out all of the cabinets and wiped of the counters before unpacking the kitchen. It was much dirtier than I expected it to be!

Start with the essentials like the kitchen, putting your bed together, in our house…the TV, and the shower curtain. If these things get done you will at least be able to eat, sleep, shower, and relax while unpacking everything else.

Power through. The sooner you are done unpacking the sooner you can enjoy your free time in your new home!


Happy Moving!





The Challenge is Done

Hey all!

Yesterday was my last day of the challenge! I can’t believe that it is already done! First though I want to talk about Thursday.

Thursday I cheated…I went to a girls night and we had fajitas for dinner. The problem was I decided to have a margarita like the other girls with dinner. I probably shouldn’t have but you live and you learn! I definitely enjoyed it!

For Fajita night I made homemade salsa and guacamole! They were both very good! The Salsa was a bit spicy so next time I wont be using a whole jalaepeno! You can find the recipes in the links above!


My last day was great! I had my meal replacement shake. Forgot to eat my morning snack! For lunch I had grilled chicken and roasted zucchini!

Bea and I match!!!

Bea and I match!!!

Lunch was probably the best part of the day! As I was making lunch for me and Jacob I was talking to him while he was switching out the laundry and he asked me if I was excited to be done with the challenge. I then told him no. I went on to explain that I don’t think I am done. I am not going back to my ways before the challenge! That I want to keep eating how I have been the last 23 days! As I was rambling Jacob snuck up behind me and kissed me on the cheek and put a Fitbit Charge HR on the counter in front of me! He went on to tell me how proud he was of me and of course I started crying. Man I have a sweet husband!

Pretty good for the day when I started the day at 5:30!

Pretty good for the day when I started the day at 5:30!

After lunch I had an apple and my morning grapes!

Sleepy puppy before the gym!

Sleepy puppy before the gym!

After work I went to the gym for a class called CSI. It was kind of like a circuit workout. And man was it tough! It also didn’t help that all of the people in the class were pretty fit and here I am over here huffing and puffing but I made it through the whole thing!

For dinner we make Chicken Tacos! They are really one of my favorites!


For my night snack I had a bowl of berries!

And with that the challenge was/is over!


Drumroll please! Over the last 24 days I have had some great results!

I started this journey at 203.8 lbs. (And that was down from the 209 I got to at my highest probably a few months ago!)

I am down to 195.6! That’s a total of 8.2 lbs! Woah! I also measured inches when I started! They had me measure both arms, both thighs, both calves, chest, waists, and hips. At the start my totals of all those inches was 235.75. As of today I am at 224.5 inches! That is a 11.25 inch difference! Woo Hoo!!! I still have a way to go but I am happy with the pace I am loosing at!

Here are the picture results!

IMG_6460 IMG_6461 IMG_6462

Now What?

Well first of all I need to figure out which Advocare products I want to keep using. I know Spark is a for sure but need to do some research on what else!

I also really want a coke. Not like a whole coke…I just want a taste!

And then I am going to continue to make healthy choices like eating more veggies and drinking lots of water! I feel that after the 24 day challenge I know better how to balance my diet! I am thinking about taking my new food skills and doing a cycle of the 21 day fix workouts! I got pretty good results the first time around and the nutrition piece could have been alot better!

I am also going to continue to blog but about other things too! I am hoping to start sharing recipes for things and craft projects!

24 Challenge Update – Days 21 and 22

Ok so here is a quick update about the last couple days. We are not into major crunch time for PA training so time is precious and I am still in my office at 11pm! Not cool!

My legs are still hurting from Butt and Gut on Monday! But pain is gain!

Tuesday was a good and busy day! I was very productive at work! I had a salad with lettuce, chicken with taco seasoning, avocado, a little cheese, and some black beans for lunch!IMG_6417

My snacks for the day were grapes in the morning and almonds in the afternoon. After work I went grocery shopping and meant to bring along my apple and forgot…no good. So on my way out of Walmart I was starving and new I needed to get home sooner rather than later because I needed to let Bea out of her kennel. She had been in there alot on and off all day! So I stopped at the subway in the Walmart.

We went to see Ant-Man at 10:45 that night after Jacob got off of work! It was actually really funny! I didn’t know what to expect and I would definitely watch it again! I also resisted the urge to get popcorn! I did eat two of Jacob’s reeses pieces! I would say that is pretty impressive!

We got to bed super late which made today rather tough!

This morning we had a staff retreat for the Student Life staff on campus! It was nice to meet some of the others! They offered breakfast and I had a couple slices of Sodexo bacon and some grapes to add to my shake this morning!

We talked about societal expectations for perfection that are put on our students coming to college and how we can support them. My group talked alot about how we should talk with our students about expecting to fail and helping them embrace and celebrate the process, both the successes and the failures.

I ate some grapes for my snack mid meeting. For lunch I had a turkey burger, sweet potatoes and green peppers. I am getting a bit lazy and probably need to prep more meals over the weekend.

After lunch I was super productive at work! For my snack I had a cheese stick and an apple!

I stayed at work a little late and then ordered Jimmy Johns for me and Jacob. I got a lettuce wrap sandwich! Sandwiches in lettuce are pretty great!

After dinner I headed to the gym for Ab Lab but there was a sub today and asked if we minded doing a CX workout and no one minded so that was something fun and different!

After I was done at the gym I went straight back to my office and have been here since! But I finally feel at a better place with all the work things left to do! So now I am on my way home to make some guacamole and salsa for a girls night tomorrow and get some much need sleep.

For fun…here are some cute pictures of Bea. We have learned a few things about her. She loves attention, eating bugs, and sticks!