A CRAZY two weeks!

The last few weeks have been crazy! Here is a bit of a play by play….

On May 9th I closed the building I was in charge of for the year. My first year as a residence hall director was so much fun! I learned so much! I had an amazing first staff and really enjoyed my time learning and growing into the position.

 IMG_3049   IMG_3121 IMG_3130

Closing was way different than I imagined it would be! In my time as a Resident Assistant I had to check people out and clean my floor but it is way different when you are the person making sure the Resident Assistant or Community Advisor did everything they were supposed to! I think I was up til 2am on Friday going through all of the rooms with my CAs. It was crazy! Then the next morning we finished going through rooms and getting other odds and ends done and I got to walk through the hall with them one last time! There was sooo much paperwork and odd tasks to get done by Monday but I can say by the end of it there was a great feeling of accomplishment!

Then we had plan day (planning for next year at UCM) and saying good bye to our 2nd years (so sad). We had one last hang out! Then lots of packing and moving!

IMG_3120 IMG_3166

Co’s for Life! (Me and Caleb)               The first year Westie Ladies (NOW 2ND YEAR WESTIE LADIES!!!)

I then traveled home on Wednesday afternoon with Jacob. We staying in Moline Wednesday night and on Thursday morning we met with the pastor that is marrying us for our final meeting! He said that we didn’t have any red flags! So that was exciting! Jacob and I then went out to lunch before having to say goodbye.

Now I should of been happy because this was the last time I had to say goodbye to him before we get married! The next time we will be together is because we are getting married! That’s exciting! But I cried. Which I haven’t done when we’ve said goodbye in a LONG time! For those of you who do not know the last year of Jacob and I’s relationship has been interesting. Before this year we have spent some holidays apart but other than that lived less than five minutes across campus or down the road (when he was working in moline over the summer). Last summer and the fall semester Jacob spent at home in Grand Island, NE. We were about five and a half hours apart. So we got to see each other like once a month. Then Jacob got a student teaching placement 30 mins from Warrensburg in Concordia, MO! It was pretty awesome! So then we got to figure out how to be in a relationship where we didn’t live super close but also not far away. So soon we get to figure out how to live together! More on that when it happens!

The rest of my time in Moline was working on wedding crafts, having my last dress fitting, running errands, and visiting with family!

photo 1

Then Saturday Night I moved to Chicago where I am interning for the summer at the Illinois Institute of Technology. I didn’t realize how much I had missed Chicago! I was able to ride the el this weekend, meet up with some friends, and go to a target AND craft store!  I started work Monday and we had training Monday and Tuesday and today we (me and my co-intern, Marcus) started training our staff for the summer! Crazy quick turn around but we are making it work! I am super excited for this summer being able to live in Chicago and starting married life with Jacob!

photo 2

This photo is of the awesome tunnel the el goes through on campus! There is a ton of cool architecture on the IIT campus. One of the most prestigious programs on campus is the architecture program!

photo 4

The el platform view! IIT is located on the Red and Green lines! This is the Green line platform on my way downtown to meet Kati J, one of my mentors, at Flat Top! Flat Top is one of my favorite restaurants!

photo 5

Yesterday Marcus and I met with our supervisor on one of the rooftops of the SSV (State Street Village Residence Hall)! What a gorgeous view! I hope this summer I can spend sometime reading up there! In the photo you can obviously see the city as well as the el tunnel and the building below is the equivalent to a student union here at IIT. The dining hall, bookstore, post office, and some other cool things are located in there!