Non-stop crafting

Since I arrived at my internship three weeks ago I have been doing nothing but wedding prep. I even drove home a few weeks ago from Chicago so I could meet with our venue (in Iowa City) and our rental place (in Des Moines). I spent a good 13 hours in the car that weekend. On a positive note things are coming together for the wedding especially all of the things that needed to be made. My soon to be mother and sister in law have been crafting a bunch of fun stuff and my mom is also spending ALL of her free time doing a different type of crafting! (I don’t want to give away what she is working on)

In the last three weeks I have made a sign for our gift table, made our cake topper and cake flowers, made the wreaths for the barn doors, printed all of our favor tags, started printing our programs, started stamping names on cup tags, and painted a few frames…I think that is all. My friend Cassie even came over to help me finish some crafting! I’m gonna use this post to show you my inspiration for my craft projects and how my own versions turned out!

Gift Table Sign

Jacob’s grandparents gave us their old mailbox! It is definitely old but I think that is why I like it so much! It also has “Kreutzer” written on one side and “Ron F. Kreutzer” on the other side along with some beautiful rust! I originally was going to make some kind of banner for the mailbox but decided I didn’t want to change the mail box. I found this photo on pinterest and pretty much made the same sign for us…I think I nailed it!

c41a550769164e05af715515ec17a654 IMG_3259

Cake Topper

Jacob and I have gone back and forth about cake toppers. I really wanted to make the bride and groom out of clothespins. Jacob really wanted to use a willow tree. Since this wedding is very me I agreed we could use a willow tree (Jacob should have some input) but then when we decided to do cupcakes and just have a small cake for the wedding. Small cakes and 10 inch willow trees do not really work together so we decided to just put the willow on the table and use a different cake topper. We then spent one evening looking on etsy for cake toppers. Jacob and I have different tastes so we looks at everything from letters made out of wires to giraffes and dinosaur bride and grooms!

IMG_3208 IMG_3206 IMG_3202

Finally I found a distressed wooden letter and burlap flowers that Jacob didn’t hate but they wanted $37 for it.

Screen Shot 2014-06-09 at 3.42.17 PM Screen Shot 2014-06-09 at 3.42.05 PM

I thought to myself that $37 for that was ridculous and decided that I could make it myself!

Letter: $2.99

Burlap: Already had

Paint: Already had

Sand Paper: $2.99

This was so easy to make I painted the K brown and then coral. (I painted three layers of coral onto the K so you couldn’t see the brown but realized that was not the best idea. It was much more difficult to sand down to the brown layer.) Then you just distress the letter with the sand paper to your taste.

I’ve made many flowers before so that was not difficult…messy but easy. You can follow this link to learn how to make the style of flower. The burlap was dense so I only was able to get three petals on the second row and didn’t add the center. Here is the final product. I saved $31 and nailed it! :] And got two flowers instead of one!

IMG_3265 IMG_3267

Barn Wreaths

I found these wreaths on pinterst forever ago. I was bound and determined to make them! Again the burlap flowers were easy but very messy and time consuming. These flowers are a different kind and you can find directions to how to make them here. Your spirals will need to be very big. Mine had at least 6 rings. Once you’ve made the flowers I just hot glued them to wreaths that I had bought at the craft store.



IMG_3242 IMG_3245 IMG_3248

My version!

Wedding Jewelry

I also found my jewelry on Etsy. It was also out of my price range. They wanted $59 for each of these necklaces!

Screen Shot 2014-06-09 at 6.52.21 PM Screen Shot 2014-06-09 at 6.52.14 PM

They are gorgeous but not worth $59 when I could make it myself. My mother in law to be game me the extra pearls from making my belt and I bought rhinestones strands and another fun strand of beads. I don’t remember how much it cost but no where close to $59. And I made a bracelet. I attached all the strands to a ring on one side and braided them. At first I only did around three braids and they would become unbraided so you have to braid them tight and until you cannot braid anymore. For mind instead of using a ribbon I made a chain because I don’t want a tail on my neck the day of. :]

Here is my version necklace and bracelet.


IMG_3225   IMG_3233

I think that is about all the share worthy crafting I have done lately. I have decided that some time in my life I could open an Etsy shop and make LOTS of money! Maybe after grad school…. :]


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