Grad School 45

People say when entering your undergraduate career it is expected that you will gain the Freshman 15 from the transition, binge drinking, eating in the dining hall….whatever else it may be. Unfortunately I had a similar experience due to the stress and craziness of grad school. I gained around 45 pounds in my 2 years in grad school and I am ready for them to be gone. I have also had a hard time finding time to make eating well and working out a priority in those last two years. That all is changing now. I recently started my new position at Nebraska Wesleyan University in Lincoln, NE as a Residential Education Coordinator (just like a hall director). And with this new start I decided to build my routine with eating well and working out in it from the beginning rather than getting too settled in my ways and not wanting to do either!

Therefore….I have joined Gold’s Gym! There is a gym on campus I have access to but as a student affairs professional it will be nice to be able to get off campus away from students for an hour a day to have a little time away! And it is close enough to campus that it fall in my duty circumference of campus!!! (Heather for the win!) I also signed up to do the 24-day Challenge by Advocare! I am super excited for that box to arrive this week so I can start planning meals and go grocery shopping!

With all of my free time not doing school work I am going to try and blog my journey with fitness and the other fun things I like to do like crafting and cooking!

Beginning of Grad School End of Grad School

Beginning of Grad School    vs.    End of Grad School


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