24 Day Challenge – Day 1

Today is the day! I have accepted the challenge! So far today is off to a great start! (I’m gonna update my draft throughout the day…sorry if my tenses change.)

I woke up this morning with my spark ready to go in the fridge! I grabbed that and took my first set of pills for the day and hopped in the shower! You are supposed to take them 30 mins before breakfast which is about the time it takes me to get ready!

After getting ready for the day I was ready to have that fiber drink I have heard terrible things about. I opted for the unflavored kind thanks to Alleshea’s (my coach/sponsor) advice. After mixing it together it looked really gross (See picture). Tasting it at first I didn’t think it was too terrible until about half way in. Most of the blog posts I read recommended mixing it with orange juice. I figured a whole glass of OJ wouldn’t be the best option so while grocery shopping I bought a small one and was able to just add a little to the rest of it to make it a bit more bearable.

Fiber Drink

For breakfast I made two egg whites, half of a whole wheat thin toasted (that sucker was hard to get to stay in the toaster), and an apple. While cracking my first egg I forgot I didn’t want the yoke and into the pan it went…That was fun to get out but overall breakfast was really good! I was thinking to myself why have I not gotten up to make myself breakfast before!Breakfast Day 1

Next I was off…or rather downstairs to work! I grabbed my snack for this morning, carrots and natural peanut butter and headed out! I ate my snack at about 10:30!Snack 1


Lunch went super quick and easy. One of the perks of living in the building that you work in is having the luxury of going home and make lunch on your lunch hour. Today I fixed grilled chicken breast, brown rice, and broccoli. It was pretty good. I do need to work on my rice cooking skills and seasoning for veggies and rice! (Suggestions are welcomed!)Day 1 Lunch

I also realized I am already pretty close to drinking a gallon of water today which is pretty great! On the downside…I have had to pee alot!

My afternoon snacks was grapes and I added a Spark packet to my water. In probably all of the websites and blogs I’ve read about this challenge people went on and on about how great Spark was! So far I am a believer! It tastes wonderful! Gives you something different than plan water which is a change of pace! And I have had alot of energy today! I haven’t felt the need to lie down and take a quick power nap at all! So here is to hoping it stays that way!

I headed to the gym right after work and got in 10 mins on the elliptical before Yoga started at 5:30. I  think the yoga instructor was French. She had a very fun accent and was speaking another language to one of the other people in the class. You would think after 4 years of French in high school that I would be able to tell for sure! Yoga was really great! I also finished my gallon of water after I was done at the gym! Man that was easy!

When I got home I made dinner! I kept it pretty simple! I made a turkey burger in a skillet, cut up half of an avocado, and grilled some zucchini that I cut up last night with my new mandolin. Best $15 dollars I have ever spent! For the zucchini I found a recipe on Pinterest that was pretty good. I cut mine in circles rather than spears and I added too much lemon juice to the marinade. I will know better next time!

Dinner Day 1 Tonight I prepped a bit for tomorrow and am going to spend my evening relaxing and looking up better ways to season things!

Until Tomorrow!


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