24 Day Challenge – Day 2

Well I made it through one whole day! That was easy! I did end up having my night snack after I posted last night! I had a cup of  strawberries!

This morning though I did not want to get out of bed! There was a crazy Thunderstorm last night and the continuous thunder and lightening kept waking me up…which is saying something because I am a heavy sleeper!

I started off the morning the same way as yesterday – Spark and the Probiotic! The Fiber drink was just as gross as yesterday!

For breakfast I had some old fashion oatmeal with some cinnamon, natural peanut butter, and bananas mixed in. I’m not gonna lie it didn’t taste the best but I was trying to get through it without adding any Stevia (I bought some just in case).IMG_6099

Then down to work! For my snack I had a green apple! It was yummy! Today at work I have been working on these for the Peer Assistants. They are supposed to look like a map of the Hunger Games Arena! Our training theme is Hunger Games!Screen Shot 2015-07-16 at 11.39.49 PM

For lunch I went home and made grilled chicken, broccoli (was better than yesterday), and a sweet potato. I didn’t look up how to cook a sweet potato until this morning and was a bit worried I wouldn’t be able to cook it and eat it in the hour I had for lunch but then I found this recipe! I used olive oil instead of butter in the foil and only put about 1/4 of a teaspoon of butter on the sweet potato and no brown sugar! Just cinnamon! It was actually pretty good! I also think it will be much better when done with a normal sized sweet potato rather than a baby one!IMG_6100

For my afternoon snack I am having celery and peanut butter! When I made my Spark for this afternoon I maybe had 8oz of water left in my water bottle so I decided to top it off so I could enjoy the Spark for longer!

For dinner I was gonna have fish…but then I remembered that I didn’t defrost it and I was too hungry to wait/figure it out so I made a turkey burger with avocado again and cut up a whole green pepper. My plate had lots of green on it! It sure did taste good! We will try the fish tomorrow! I immediately put it into the fridge when I got home!

After dinner I relaxed a bit and then decided to do the 21 Day Fix Upper Fix workout and of course I couldn’t find it! Thankfully I did end up finding it in just enough time so I could do it before I had to head to the gym for Zumba! The lady that teaches Zumba on Thursdays saves this awful number for the end of class called “Arms Up.” (I tried to find it on youtube to share but no luck!) Those are pretty much the only lyrics in the whole song and she doesn’t let us put our arms down! Needless to say my arms got a double workout today!

When I got back to the car I had two missed calls and a text message. (This never happens) My friend Bridget called to talk about our now FOR SURE plans to go see SHANIA TWAIN!!!! Now to find tickets! And my friend Jenae called to invite me hang out over at her friend Andi’s house! She lives a ways out but I am glad I went! We had fun watching Lip Sync Battle and she has two adorable puppies!

When I got home I was a bit hungry so I ate a few strawberries and took my herbal cleanse pills!

Tomorrow is finally Friday!!!I am super excited to meal prep this weekend! Jenae, Andi, and I also talked about maybe getting them to try Zumba or trying that class that is based on ballet! We shall see!

Until Tomorrow!


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