24 Day Challenge – Day 3

Today is off to a good start!

I REALLY didn’t want to get out of bed this morning! I don’t know if it was the weird sleep I had last night or a combination of Zumba and the 21 Day Fix workouts but I had to drag myself out of bed! I did have some interesting dreams where I became the new Batman. Batman also decided to move to Lincoln! It was weird.

I also weighed myself this morning…Nowhere did it say to stay away from the scale! I am so close to the 100’s! I started at 202.2 on Wednesday! So not crazy dropping weight but a little bit! Small victories lead to a big one! Hoping by Monday I am back under 200!


Anyways….For breakfast this morning I had Egg whites (I got a little yoke in there on accident!), Wheat thin bread, and some strawberries! I almost forgot my Fiber Drink I was was so excited about breakfast! So I choked that yummy fiber drink down real quick!


Before I made breakfast I got the whole chicken I bought Tuesday in the crockpot! This is by far one of the easiest things I have every made!

Me ready to cook! (Apron made by my awesome mother-in-law Lynda!)

Me ready to cook!                         Apron made by my awesome mom-in-law Lynda!

Step 1: place crumpled foil balls in bottom of crockpot


Step 2: Rinse off Chicken (I don’t know if this is necessary but I like to do it)IMG_6105

Step 3: Season your Chicken.

I put the following seasonings on my chicken: Salt, Pepper, Paprika, chili seasoning, and garlic powder. I didn’t want to season it too much because I am going to use it for a bunch of different things! I also season one side while in the sink and one side while in the crockpot!

Step 4: Place Chicken in crockpot – belly side up!


Step 5: Cook on high for 4 hours or low for 8! Done!

My mid-morning snack was carrots!

OMGoodness! Lunch was soo yummy! I decided to mix it up a bit and made a salad. Now I am not a big salad fan unless it is covered in cheese and ranch and has minimal veggies. (Salads are a problem when you aren’t a cucumber or tomato fan)! I decided to try out a fruit salad because I had a ton in the fridge! My salad consisted of spinach, romaine, strawberries, blueberries, kiwi, poppy seed dressing (I bought the one with the least amount of Sugar maybe next time I’ll look up how to make it myself!), chicken left over from my lunch on Wednesday, quinoa, and some almonds to make up some of the protein since I didn’t have a whole portion of chicken!

This was also my first time having and preparing quinoa! That was an interesting time. Problem #1: the lid blew off in the microwave. Problem #2: After 4 minutes you are supposed to stir it so when I opened the microwave a good portion of the quinoa was on the microwave plate! Oh my! So I cleaned that up and found a bigger bowl and started over! It was actually pretty good! I wasn’t sure how I would feel about it on a salad but I think it was awesome on a salad!

I am not the best at making food look pretty for the camera!

I am not the best at making food look             pretty for the camera!

Afternoon snack today was some green apple spark and 16 almonds! Trying to stay away from fruit for snacks today since I had so much at lunch!

I decided to do a little shopping right after work! Although the shopping was fun the whole time I was rather hungry. I learned that I either need to eat dinner before shopping or bring a snack because there were no healthy snacks in site at any of the stores I went to! Even the trail mix I thought would be a good option had 10g of sugar!

So when I finally made it home at 6:30 there was no way I was going to wait another 20 mins at least to cook the fish I was planning on having for dinner! So I immediately pulled out a baggies of carrots to subdue my hunger a bit while I made my actual dinner.

The chicken that I put in the crockpot was the perfect thing to have for dinner but I didn’t want just plain chicken! Then I remembered my friend Tegan texted a link to her favorite Turkey Taco recipe! So I mixed up my own taco seasoning from the recipe minus the tomato sauce, onion, and peppers and cooked the chicken with the season and some water for a few mins! Instead of tortillas I used romaine lettuce for my shells! I added some avocado and just a little low fat cheese! They were so good! I couldn’t believe that I just threw that together! Chicken Lettuce Tacos

After dinner I went over to Jenae’s to hang out…because we can do that now that we live in the same city! We had a lot of fun just hanging out! We decided to make a snack that she had seen on Pinterest! It was roasted edamame with parmesan cheese. (I know I hit the cheese a bit too much today…at least it wasn’t alot!) Anyways…I didn’t take a picture but this snack was soooo good! It was like eating healthy potato chips! You can also make the recipe without the parmesan and season it in another way so I might do that tomorrow!

Tomorrow should be an exciting day! I am hoping to go to the farmer’s market in the morning, hit Zumba at the gym in the early afternoon, maybe get a hair cut, and do some more meal prepping! I’m hoping that tomorrow goes ok! With it being a weekend I am little worried about not being in my work day routine but hopefully it will go well!

Also…this is super random but I was able to get home for Dylan and Jenae’s without using a GPS. Moving victory!!!!


Until Tomorrow!


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