25 Day Challenge – Day 4

Today has been one of the most productive days I’ve had in a long time! I got up this morning and had oatmeal, natural peanut butter and a banana! It was really good (I put two tablespoon in it this time instead of one!) After I got done with my oatmeal I realized I forgot to have my fiber drink so I drank that super fast and it was super nasty! 

I then got ready for the day and headed to the farmers market in downtown Lincoln! It was so awesome! There were lots of different vendors! I picked up some fruits, veggies, and a hair flower! I think in a few weeks I’m gonna buy some herbs from the farmers market to plant in our apartment! One of yeah fruits I picked up was a pint of mulberries! They are kind of a forgotten fruit! They grown on trees and look like a smaller version of a black berry! My sister Angela and I used to eat them right off the tree! We even had a white mulberry tree on the farm! (They were really good!) 

 And i got to the farmers market without a GPS! 

I had my snack in the car on the way home: grapes and almonds

Anyways…after the farmers market I ran home to drop off my goods before I went to the gym for Zumba! The instructor we had for Zumba today was awesome! It reminded me a lot of Dazzlers! She was constantly telling us to smile and we did lots of arm motions and I couldn’t help but have good cinnamon roll hands and straight arms! I’m also pretty sure that by the end of Zumba the Zumba room was warming than the temp outside! 

For lunch I finally made that fish! It was so good! I also roasted the zucchini and squash that I cut up the other day! 

Lemon Rosemary Cod 

1. Put each piece of fish in a large piece of foil. 

 2. Put a little olive oil under and on top of the fish. (I used my misto)

3. Add salt, pepper, and Rosemary to the top of the fish. Then add a couple lemon circles on top. 

 4. Close up foil tightly and plan on a pan with edges in case liquid drips out. 

 5. Bake on 425 for 20 mins! Fish should be flaky! 

The zucchini and squash was easy too! 

1. Spray a cookie sheet with olive oil. 

2. Lightly cover the slices of zucchini and squash with olive oil. (I made my slices pretty thin)

3. Spread out slices in a single layer on the cookie sheet.

4. Season to your preference. (I used salt, pepper, and garlic powder) 

 5. Bake for 20 mins or until slightly brown and a little crispy on 450. ( I did mine on 425 and cooked them longer because the fish was supposed to be cooked at 400) 

 After lunch time I did a little shopping! Bought some new sports bras, a storage drawer thing for all of my craft supplies, some food(sweet potatoes, hummus, and whole GRAIN bread), command strips, and some spray paint. 

Fun Fact: I also learned today that yams and sweet potatoes are the same thing just different sizes!

I was also looking for a small plastic giraffe toy for a craft project that I wil blog sometime down the road! I could not find one anywhere! Not even toys r us! Their mascot is a giraffe for crying out loud! I eventually did find one and he is now headless for crafting reasons!  

 Afternoon snack today was edamame and spark! 

I made chicken tacos again for dinner. It was easy! 

I worked on decor stuff for our apartment! I spray painted a bunch of stuff and hung up a poster! 


I also did the laundry (and made more laundry soap) and got all the dishes into the dish washer! 

Side note: I will say that having a dish washer makes this eating clean thing soooo much easier and enjoyable! I didn’t get any meal prepping done today but I have all the time tomorrow to get it done! Being able to craft tonight was so wonderful! 

Tonight my snack was a cup of berries! 

And I checked my UP app and I totally killed my step goal today! Yay for having a great day! 

Tomorrow I might try a cycling class at the gym! Hopefully I don’t die during it! Wish me luck! 

Until tomorrow! 


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