24 Day Challenge – Day 5

Today was another pretty productive day after I finally got to bed. It took me awhile to get to sleep because I got a terrible rash on my knees from the grass and it made my knees feel like they were burning and itchy!


I got up a bit later than normal today so that threw my schedule off a little bit but I wanted to make sure I still got all 5-6 of my meals in so I just moved everything back a couple hoursish. I started my day like to I do every day by weighing myself. I was super excited to see that i met my goal of being back in the one hundreds by Monday a day early! Not by much but I am still under 200!!IMG_6161

For breakfast I had eggs, berries, turkey bacon, and a piece of whole grain toast! (Shoutout to Allesha for informing me that whole wheat and whole grain are not the same thing!) (Side note: It is really difficult to find whole grain bread!)IMG_6158

After breakfast I was kind lazy and laid around. I ate an apple on my way to the gym for my mid-morning snack that happened around noon. I tried a cycling class today at the gym. It was pretty difficult but I enjoyed it so I might go to another one! In 40 mins I biked around 14 miles! Also…if you didn’t know you sweat alot in a cycling class…..there were drips on the floor! Gross!

IMG_6163When I got home I made the same salad I had the other day! This time with the crockpot chicken that I made the other day! I also figured out how to make a salad look pretty. You only toss the greens, dressing, meat, and in my case quinoa and then you add all the pretty fruit and nuts on top!

I almost forgot to eat my afternoon snack on celery and peanut butter because I was being so productive cleaning up around the house and cooking!

For dinner I had left over fish from the other day. I learned a few things through this experience. 1. Supposably it is better to reheat fish in the oven rather than the microwave. 2. If it is indeed the better way reheated fish just isn’t great! It was very dry! Next time I think I will just make enough for one serving!

After dinner I did more meal prepping: I made mashed sweet potatoes and portioned them out into separate containers. I also cut up green peppers and put them into separate baggies, sliced more zucchini and squash, and made some roasted edamame for a snack later on! I also got all my Advocare products for the next 10 daysish into baggies! That helps me make sure I get everything in each day and don’t forget something! Our fridge sure looks ready for the week! IMG_6177

For my evening snack and because I heard that it was national ice cream day I made ice cream out of frozen bananas. It was super easy! You just freeze a banana in small chunks and then throw the frozen pieces into the food processor and it blends it into an ice cream like substance!IMG_6169

This evening I also worked on how to hang a picture collage on the wall! It was a process! I will be sure to post a picture when I am done! Our apartment is starting to feel more and more like home!

I also want to say thank you to everyone who has given me tips, tricks, and advice, to those of you who have commented your encouragement and kind words, and to those of you that have been following along! It means the world and makes this journey that much easier!

Until Tomorrow!


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