24 Day Challenge – Day 7

I cannot believe I am already on day 7 and haven’t cheated! And that I haven’t wanted to drink a coke or diet coke that are still in our fridge! That is a big accomplishment because there are two things I really really love. Coke and ranch dressing and making a whole week without either is pretty impressive!

Today started not like I had planned. I was hoping to get up early to get a 21 day fix workout in because we have our home visit for a dog tonight and Jacob wants to go see Antman tonight so I’m not sure where working out fits into that but I way overslept….like an hour….oops. So that workout did not happen but I was able to get up, get ready, make breakfast, and still be to work by 9:30…which was only 30 mins after I woke up! Go me! I did have to take breakfast to work today but I still got it in!

Breakfast today was oatmeal, natural peanut butter, and a banana in one of my favorite mugs! It is giant and from one of my bestest friends Tegan! This mornings snack was some grapes and almonds!


I went home for lunch today and made grilled chicken, broccoli, and reheated some sweet potatoes that I made over the weekend! Side note: Have I mentioned how much I love having a George Forman grill? It makes life 10 million times easier!

After lunch I had a meeting with the Res Ed team! I brought my spark but I was thinking I would be back for my afternoon snack. I definitely wasn’t but it all worked out because my supervisor brought snacks in celebration of her birthday! She brought a cheese, cracker, and pepperoni plate and a big tub of grapes. I just ate the grapes although the other snacks looked really yummy!


For dinner I made Jacob and I chicken tacos! He hasn’t gone grocery shopping yet so we didn’t have tortilla shells and he said he was ok eating them on the lettuce! I decided to not eat avocados today because I noticed on my fitness pal that I was going over on their recommended fat intake. Although avocados are healthy fat I still shouldn’t eat them all the time!

After dinner we had our home visit for the dog rescue! The lady was super nice! It was interesting trying to explain our living situation and that it is ok that we have a dog! I don’t think she was expecting our apartment to be so nice! The visit was really short and sweet! At one point she mentioned that the biggest thing was making sure that we weren’t crazy and didn’t have animal cages all over!

After dinner I did the arm work out from the 21 Day Fix! It is definitely my favorite of the workouts! At this point I ate a cheese stick and was gonna grab an apple but I forgot it when we headed out to go see Ant-Man downtown for $5 Tuesday movies but it was sold out so we decided we will go later! We did stop at target on the way to the movie theater to get snacks…yes we do that. I got an apple (I ate this in the car) and Jacob got some pistachios. I had never had pistachios until tonight and let me tell you…they are sooo good! I am hooked! I had to stop myself because if not I would of just kept eating them!


Random Note: So last week when I was meal prepping on Tuesday I cut up all the celery. I remembered something I saw somewhere where you take the bottom of the celery stalks and put it in water and it will grow new celery! I am here to tell you that it works! It has already grown so much in a week! I am very excited to see how big it will get and if I can eventually eat it!


Now I am off to Pinterest to look up recipes and puppy ideas! My dog fever is super bad today!

Until Tomorrow!


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