24 Day Challenge – Day 8

Hey Everyone! Today started out good!

I made eggs, toast, bacon, and berries! It was really yummy! IMG_6197

Today was probably one of the busiest and most productive days I have had in a while! I had two meetings this morning when my normal morning snack time is. We had both our meetings at this coffee house called Mo Java which was really cute. I was really good and didn’t get a baked good or froofy coffee drink! I did get some organic iced green tea! It was really good! I ate the snack that I brought! Carrots and almonds. I will admit this was a weird combo….but I just grabbed it in a hurry this morning!

For lunch I had a turkey burger, sweet potatoes, and green peppers! I will say my sweet potatoes are soo yummy!


For my snack this afternoon I just ended up having a cheese stick! I was so busy I forgot to eat my apple too! Kind of a fail on my part but it was better than nothing!

After work I got my hair cut before heading to they gym. My friend Jenae and I were going to go to Yoga but my hair cut went a little long and we were 10 mins late to yoga and no one was there! So we worked out our legs instead!

After the gym Jenae came over for dinner! I made us the lemon chicken and roasted zucchini and squash! I made Jenae some sweet potatoes too! It was really good!

After dinner we watched the Lego Movie! I had never seen it before and it was on tv this morning so I dvred it! It was so awesome! I love that they made a move about how we should be creative with our legos and not just follow the directions! It was so wonderful! Yay creativity!

I made Jenae and I some ice cream like stuff. The other day I food processed bananas to make ice cream but today I decided to try some strawberries out! They didn’t work as well so I tried to add a banana but it was still really crumbly! But it still tasted good!


Tomorrow Jacob and I are going on a road trip! There will be more about that tomorrow but that will really be a test of my abilities to keep on track with the challenge! Wish me luck!

Until Tomorrow!


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