24 Day Challenge – Day 9

Yesterday was awesome! To get the exciting part out of the way….WE ADOPTED A DOG!!!! She is so cute and wonderful! Her name is Bea (pronounced Baya). She is a shiba inu mix! Jacob named her after Beatrice from the Shakespeare play Much Ado About Nothing! Yesterday was also eventful because going to adopt Bea didn’t mean just driving down the road….no. We drove the 5 hours it takes to get to Valentine, NE! Valentine is pretty much on the border of South Dakota so we decided to make the most out of our road trip and made a few stops along the way which turned our for sure 10 hour car ride into about 17 hours. Thankfully not all of that was in the car but unfortunately more of it was!

That morning we woke up bright and early to get on the road around 7am! I made my oatmeal, peanut butter, and banana concoction and put it in some tupperware to eat in the car and grabbed all of the other snacks and things I needed for the day! Spark was really great in the morning! It defiantly helped me wake up!


For my morning snack I ate an apple and cheese stick in the car.

The plan was to make it to Valentine by noon to get lunch but we had to stop and get gas and put oil in the car (my car eats oil) so we left a bit later and didn’t get into Valentine until about 12:20. Around noon I was starving so I ate the green pepper I brought to eat for part of my lunch!

We finally made it to Valentine!

We finally made it to Valentine!

Valentine is a really small town so we didn’t have too many options for lunch but to plan ahead the night before Jacob let me pick where I wanted to get lunch! Believe it or not I picked McDonalds. You may be thinking oh no she fell of the wagon…but no worries I didn’t! I got their Artisan Grilled Chicken Sandwich without tomato or the salad dressing they put on it and no meal. Jacob got a Quarter Pounder with cheese, fries, and a Dr. Pepper. Once we got our food I pulled the chicken and lettuce of the wheat bun and put it on the piece of whole grain bread that I brought with me! When I was done I asked Jacob to eat his fries quickly because I needed to get out of there! The fries smelled SOOOOO good and I didn’t know how long I could last! (I did tell Jacob to not let me steal any of his fries before we even went inside!)

Jacob and I's lunch

Jacob and I’s lunch

my chicken sandwhich

my chicken sandwhich

After we were done it was time to go get our puppy! We met the woman in charge of the rescue organization at the vets office! We got to see her x-rays from before her surgery (she had to have hip surgery when she was just a little puppy!). And then we got to meet her! It was love at first sight! She is a super sweet and quiet little puppy! She is about 22 weeks old so she is still a puppy! After signing the papers and talking with Sherry (the rescue lady) about Bea and her microchip, food, toys, medicine, and the rest we were back in the car!

Not too sure of her new humans yet

Not too sure of her new humans yet

There is a really pretty water fall in a State Park about 20 mins from Valentine so we figured why not go see if we are right here anyway! So we headed to the State Park to Smith Falls and went on our first family outing/walk. Bea is very interesting on a leash. She likes to walk really close to you and then really far behind, and then really far in front! We will have to work on that! About 3/4 the way there she got tired so Jacob carried her the rest of the way! When we got down to the waterfall we got her to go in the water! She also did really great around all the people!


She move in my arms to be held like that! Silly girl!

She moved in my arms to be held like that! Silly girl!

At the waterfall

At the waterfall

IMG_6266 IMG_6254 IMG_6258

On our way back to the car we finally heard her bark. It was a very deep bark and didn’t last very long! After a water break it was back in the car to Shelton to stop and see our friend Bridget who was having a bad week!


Side note: If you have never been to Northern Nebraska I recommend going sometime. Yes it was a pretty boring drive but the scenery was very pretty and very different from the rest of Nebraska! We were driving through the sand hills! I also learned what a wall cloud is! Jacob knows alot about clouds and storms!

This is a Wall Cloud!

This is a Wall Cloud!

IMG_6250 IMG_6213 IMG_6226 IMG_6242

My afternoon snack was peanut butter and celery! It was good but Jacob did not enjoy the smell of peanut butter!


After spending a little time with Bridget we kept moving and headed to Grand Island! I ate some pistachios in the car because I was starting to get really hungry! We stopped to meet Sharon (Jacob’s Best Friend’s mom)! Jacob worked security for her last week and we stopped to get his pay check and introduce Bea to Sharon! Bea really loved Sharon! She kept walking around her and sitting at her feet!


By this time it was after 8pm. We hadn’t ate dinner yet and I was STARVING! I tried to call Panera to order our food on the way so it would be ready when we got there but their answering things kept telling me about how you can order online and I just hung up because I was so annoyed. So we decided to go through the drive through but no one ever came to help us so I had to go in while Jacob and Bea hung out in the car. By the time we got to the drive through i was HANGRY…aka hungry angry so I had to turn my nice on when I went into Panera because I don’t like being mean but I was super annoyed! I order Jacob his chipolte chicken and I got a strawberry poppyseed and chicken salad! I also got unsweetend ice tea! They have the best ice tea!


We finally made it to Jacob’s parents house and I ate so fast! I was starving! I almost forgot to take a picture! Bea enjoyed running around in the backyard and meeting her grandparents! I can already tell that Bea is going to be spoiled!

Love from Grandpa!

Love from Grandpa!


After we ate we finally got back in the car for our last leg of the trip home to Lincoln! Once we got home Bea explored the apartment a big and we all crawled into bed!


Overall it was a really long and exciting day but we were all super tired! I was really glad I stuck to my food plan the whole day! Even though I thought about caving when my hangry started to kick in!

Sorry in advance for all the dog pictures!

Until Tonight…since this blog post is late!


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