24 Day Challenge – Day 10 and Day 11

Hey all! I can tell my blog is getting a bit repetitive so I might not be posting as often about my challenge but I am going to still post every couple days!

Yesterday was a good day! I had my last nasty fiber drink and used the rest of the OJ I had left so it wasn’t too bad at all!

For breakfast I had egg whites, toast, and bacon. For my snack in the morning I had fruit. Over lunch I had a turkey burger on whole grain bread with avocado and spinach and green peppers on the side. In the afternoon I ate an apple!

In the evening Derek came over and we all went to pet smart to get Bea some toys and treats! Then we stopped at Denver Mattress so Jacob and I could go in an buy our new mattress! Shout out to Derek for hanging out with Bea in the car and letting us use your truck to get the bed home and up the stairs!

For my nightly snack I ate a banana.

Side Note: Our dog is adorable!


Saturday was a pretty chill day and the first day of the Max Phase of my challenge! The supplements change during this part of the challenge! There is a meal replacement shake instead of actual breakfast and alot more supplement pills!

The Advocare meal replacement shakes are actually really good! I got the chocolate kind!

On my way to the gym I ate a peach!

Zumba today was alot of fun! I was way in the back because I am on duty and I needed to make sure I could hear the phone go off if it did but after class the instructor told me I was doing a great job and that I should move up to the front! Woah what a compliment! It made me feel really cool!


After Zumba I came home and got my lunch of fish in the oven and hopped in the shower!

Dylan, Jenae, and there dog Ember were coming over so the puppies could meet so I had to shower, get ready, and eat really fast! I was able to eat my fish before they came and ate my broccoli after they left! The puppies played outside! They really got along great even though Ember is rather large compared to Bea.

They ran Ember home and we met up with them again at the movie theater to see Train Wreck! It was hilarious! I would highly recommend it!

After that Jacob and I ran a couple errands and then headed home.

I made turkey burgers for dinner! They were yummy!

I am hoping to grocery shop and do alot of meal prepping tomorrow for the week! We shall see how it goes!

I did want to share a bit about where I am at in the challenge since the cleanse phase now is over and I started the Max Phase!

I have made some progress so far! I am down to 198.6 which is a loss of about 5 lbs. I have also felt really great throughout this process so far! I am going to be really brave and share a before and now picture with you. There isn’t much of a difference but you can see a bit of one. I am being vulnerable so I am hoping it will be well received.

FullSizeRender (1)



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