24 Day Challenge – Weekend Update

This weekend was pretty eventful! I am going to break it up by days!


Saturday morning Jacob had to work so Bea and I hung out together! We went on a walk in the morning and headed to the Farmer’s Market a little before 10am. This was her first outing where there would be alot of people around so I wasn’t sure what to expect! She did really great! She only really barked at one of those tall wiggly men that wave in the wind that stores use for advertisement. Other than that she did really good in the crowd. Lots of strangers asked to pet her and commented on how cute she was! I already had alot of fruits and veggies in the fridge so my main reasons for going to the farmers market was to get Bea a cute new collar! There is a booth that sells collars and leashes in all different sizes and patterns! I decided not to get anything else because I didn’t want what I bought to go bad before I finish what I already have in the fridge!


Bea and I on our way home from the market! She felt she needed to be in the drivers seat! (This photo was taken not while the car was in motion!)

After the farmer’s market we rushed back to the house so I could get to Zumba. Rushing with a dog is impossible so I got to Zumba a tad late! But Saturday Zumba was extra fun as usual! The instructor told me after class that me and this other girl keep her going through the whole thing because she can tell we are enjoying ourselves and having fun!

After Zumba I rushed home to shower because the in-laws and Josh were almost to Lincoln! Again…rushing with a dog is not possible! When I got home I had to let her out and then shower so when the got here to pick me up for lunch I walked out to the car with a hair brush in hand because I hadn’t had enough time to do it before!


Isnt she just adorable! Sporting a bandana from Gma Kreutzer!

We went to the food court at the mall for lunch and decided to eat at Runza. I ordered their Fuji Apple Chicken Salad. It was no Panera salad but it was pretty good! It came with this big container of honey mustard dressing…it was odd. I dipped my fork in it occasionally because the salad was dry without it.

After lunch we came back to the apartment and hung out until Jacob got off work! After he got home we headed to get dinner. We decided to eat at Red Robin. I got their plain grilled chicken sandwich on lettuce instead of a bun! I also got a side of steamed broccoli! It was actually really good! I did eat some of Jacob’s endless sweet potato fries. I probably shouldn’t have but sweet potato fries are my favorite food and Red Robin has some great ones!


After dinner we did some shopping and then hung out at the apartment until they went to pick up Emma!

Sadly…we didn’t get to see Emma because her flight got delayed and she got in much later than expected! But it’s ok because we get to see her on Saturday!


Sunday we slept in and it was super nice!

I had my shake for breakfast and an apple for my morning snack!

For lunch I made a turkey burger, sweet potatoes, and broccoli! It was yummy and super easy!

I took a nap sometime after lunch. It was rather wonderful! I hadn’t taken a nap in a really long time! I woke up an realized I hadn’t had a snack so I ate some fruit.

We decided to go over to our friend’s house for supper so the dogs could play and we could hang out! We made grilled chicken, sweet corn, and sautéed veggies (onions, green peppers, and zucchini). We had fresh fruit for dessert! Dinner was really good! The chicken turned out super good and the sweet corn and most of the other veggies were from Jenae’s mom’s garden! So wonderful!

Bea was pretty tired from playing with her fur friend Ember!

Bea was pretty tired from playing with her fur friend Ember!

I didn’t eat a snack last night because I probably ate a bit too much as dinner and did have some sweet corn.


Today was a busy day! Things at work have turned into crunch time!

Morning was a meal replacement shake.

I had peanut butter and celery as a morning snack.

Lunch was breakfast for lunch! i had egg whites, toast, turkey bacon, and some carrots. I didn’t finish all the carrots because I wasn’t hungry anymore.

My afternoon snack was a banana!

For dinner I had left over veggies from dinner last night and a turkey burger!


At work today I got both my bulletin board and my door decs done so that was exciting!

IMG_6399 IMG_6408

Tonight I went to two work out classes at Gold’s Gym! I went to “Butt and Gutt” aka lots of squats and abs! then to Zumba! Zumba tonight was a lot of squatting as well!

My legs are gonna be sore tomorrow!

Tonight after the gym I had some fruit for a snack! :]

I think I am back up to date! Only a few days left of the challenge! I can’t believe it’s almost over already!


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