In life there are many things I want to be…a few examples are….a runner, a  photographer, a good cook a gardner….the list could go on and on.

Some of these things I have tried out. Such as running. I’ve tried the couch to 5K app multiple times. I’ve tried running inside and outside. I’m not giving up it just hasn’t happened yet.

Just like being a wannabe gardner hasn’t happened yet. Also not because I haven’t tried. I have killed many a plants. Jacob once bought be a daisy plant…I didn’t water it. In grad school I bought a money tree (hey are super easy to keep alive). I killed it. Last summer Jacob bought me a sunflower plant…you guessed it…I killed that too!

But for the last few years I have been wanting to start my own herb garden as well as get some succulents. With my track record I had been making excuses not to try it but for Easter my mother-in-law got me a mint plant and some seeds and pots for some other plants. With this experiment I not only have to keep the mint plant alive…I also have to get a plant to grow from seeds.

I planted them about a week ago but they weren’t doing too hot and I just didn’t feel good about it so I decided to replant some seeds and got these little pods that expand with water! Today I replanted all of my herbs (Basil and Parsley) and I added a seed pod of Cilantro! I also repotted my mint plant into our flower girl pail from our wedding! They are now back in the window waiting to get some sun in the morning!

Side Note: Planting/gardening is messy! No wonder most people do it outside! :]

Today I also went to Junkstock with my sister-in-law and MIL! When I went back in the fall I got this very cute planter box that I had planned to plant succulents in but never went to actually buy succulents but today Junkstock had a plant vendor so I got three from the booth! I also planted those when I got home and added some rocks to the top to cover up all the ugly soil!

Now that everything is planted I am praying that this time the wannabe gardner turns into a beginner gardner title for me! Only time will tell!

What are your gardening tips?