Moving 101


So a couple months ago Jacob and I packed up our giant apartment in Warrensburg, MO to head to our new home in Lincoln, NE! Man I did not realize that we had so much stuff! I thought it might be helpful to share some of the things I learned while preparing to pack, packing, moving, and unpacking it all!

Preparing to Pack

One word. Purge. Get rid of all the junk you don’t need. The clothes that don’t fit and even if you did you wouldn’t wear them. Those shoes that you love that are falling apart and have no hope. Get rid of it! The more you get rid of now the less there is to pack, move, and unpack! We went through our clothes, old papers, craft supplies, old bedding and towels from high school and undergrad (Jacob is not a big fan of pink), movies and books!

Also…when I say get rid of the junk I don’t mean you need to throw it all away. You could have a garage sale or take your clothes to a local consignment shop. We took some movies and old game systems to an electronic place that will buy it for cash or store credit! We probably made at least $60 in cash and $130 in store credit from a place called Gamers! Whatever you can’t sell try and donate. They the rest should probably be thrown out!

Food: This was a big one. If you are moving across town this is no big deal but Jacob and I were moving 4 hours away and couldn’t really move the contents of our fridge and freezer. The month leading up to our move we started trying to use all the random food we had left in the apartment and only bought new food that we absolutely needed. We ate alot of weird meals but it was so worth it because the amount of food we  had left at the end that we couldn’t take with us was very minimal.


Oh my this took forever! Here are some of my tips for packing!

Get lots of boxes!

I am lucky to have a dad that makes boxes for a living so we got a few more from him and had saved every box from the last time we moved a year ago! If you didn’t save all your boxes or have a dad that makes them check out your local grocery stores, Aldi, walmart, or if you work on campus sometimes the physical plant will have a bunch!

Buy quality tape

I know this seems a bit silly but I tried to buy packing tape from the dollar tree. Yes is was only a dollar but it was terrible compared to the stuff I ended up buying at walmart. If the tape won’t hold the box together the contents will end up on the ground.

Figure out a system

There are lots of ways to do this! Find out what you prefer and go that route. It all goes to the same place anyway!

  1. Write on the box where it goes (ex: Kitchen, Bedroom, Bathroom, Closet) (This is what I chose to do!)enhanced-buzz-32722-1368548244-11
  2. Get colored tape or dots – Make each color go to a certain location in your new house (pink=bedroom, yellow=kitchen) (I opted not to do this because we had a bunch of guys help us move in and I figured they wouldn’t get it or just ignore the colored stickers)7e13a70934b0fbd03056a8b6be46be27
  3. Number your boxes – I have a friend who numbered all of her boxes and made a corresponding list of what each box contained. This could be a great option if you have a moving company moving you so you make sure all of your boxes ended up in your new place. (We had a bunch of little boxes so this was not a good option for us)Moving boxes

Commence Packing

  1. Try to pack each box with things that all go to the same room. It will help later.
  2. Get creative. I used alot of our hand, dish, and bath towels to wrap our breakables. (picture)
  3. Don’t forget the empty spaces. For example pack your cleaning supplies in your empty trash can! (Picture)
  4. Packing the closet – I recommend using your packing tape to tape about 6 hangers together with the clothes still on them! Then fit two bundles of hangers (about 12 hanger) together. Make a hole in the bottom of trash bag and cover your clothes with the trash bag. This helps your clothes stay together very nicely for the trip. (Picture)
  5. Pack a 1st few days box and suitcase!   – In this box I put all the essentials we would need for the first few nights and the beginning of unpacking. Items for box included – shower curtain, towels, sheets, clorox wipes, dish soap and sponge, tool kit, first aid kit (just in case), and scissors.       Items for suitcase included – 2-3 nights worth or clothes and our toiletries we would need for that time!
  6. Give yourself time! Don’t try to pack everything in a few days. I would start a couple weeks out. Pack up the things you know you will not need like decorations, holiday items, extra towels and blankets. Pack a little every day and it makes the whole process seem less stressful. By the time both our Dad’s arrived to help us move we pretty much had everything ready to go! It made everything much easier! (My dad was also very impressed…I usually procrastinate when it comes to packing!)


This will be very different for everyone. We ended up renting a trailer from U-haul (The biggest on they have)! Jacob’s dad kindly offered to bring his truck down so we could rent the trailer over paying more for the moving truck. We loaded everything (for the most part) the night before. We have a handy dandy dollie/cart that we bought last summer before we moved back to Warrensburg. It was the best money we ever spend and definitely helped alot for this move too!


Find help! Our move would have been miserable if it was just Jacob and I. Both of our dads were there to help and we had a bunch of friends meet us in Lincoln to help unload. We bribed them with Pizza! With everyone’s help it only took us 30 – 45 mins to get everything unloaded and into the apartment which was on the second floor!

If you are moving somewhere where friends or family can’t help you load or unload U-haul has an awesome feature where you can hire a few people to help you load/unload your u-haul. I noticed it was alot more affordable than hiring a whole moving company!

Once everything is in your new place I would recommend cleaning a bit. We wiped out all of the cabinets and wiped of the counters before unpacking the kitchen. It was much dirtier than I expected it to be!

Start with the essentials like the kitchen, putting your bed together, in our house…the TV, and the shower curtain. If these things get done you will at least be able to eat, sleep, shower, and relax while unpacking everything else.

Power through. The sooner you are done unpacking the sooner you can enjoy your free time in your new home!


Happy Moving!






24 Day Challenge – Weekend Update

This weekend was pretty eventful! I am going to break it up by days!


Saturday morning Jacob had to work so Bea and I hung out together! We went on a walk in the morning and headed to the Farmer’s Market a little before 10am. This was her first outing where there would be alot of people around so I wasn’t sure what to expect! She did really great! She only really barked at one of those tall wiggly men that wave in the wind that stores use for advertisement. Other than that she did really good in the crowd. Lots of strangers asked to pet her and commented on how cute she was! I already had alot of fruits and veggies in the fridge so my main reasons for going to the farmers market was to get Bea a cute new collar! There is a booth that sells collars and leashes in all different sizes and patterns! I decided not to get anything else because I didn’t want what I bought to go bad before I finish what I already have in the fridge!


Bea and I on our way home from the market! She felt she needed to be in the drivers seat! (This photo was taken not while the car was in motion!)

After the farmer’s market we rushed back to the house so I could get to Zumba. Rushing with a dog is impossible so I got to Zumba a tad late! But Saturday Zumba was extra fun as usual! The instructor told me after class that me and this other girl keep her going through the whole thing because she can tell we are enjoying ourselves and having fun!

After Zumba I rushed home to shower because the in-laws and Josh were almost to Lincoln! Again…rushing with a dog is not possible! When I got home I had to let her out and then shower so when the got here to pick me up for lunch I walked out to the car with a hair brush in hand because I hadn’t had enough time to do it before!


Isnt she just adorable! Sporting a bandana from Gma Kreutzer!

We went to the food court at the mall for lunch and decided to eat at Runza. I ordered their Fuji Apple Chicken Salad. It was no Panera salad but it was pretty good! It came with this big container of honey mustard dressing…it was odd. I dipped my fork in it occasionally because the salad was dry without it.

After lunch we came back to the apartment and hung out until Jacob got off work! After he got home we headed to get dinner. We decided to eat at Red Robin. I got their plain grilled chicken sandwich on lettuce instead of a bun! I also got a side of steamed broccoli! It was actually really good! I did eat some of Jacob’s endless sweet potato fries. I probably shouldn’t have but sweet potato fries are my favorite food and Red Robin has some great ones!


After dinner we did some shopping and then hung out at the apartment until they went to pick up Emma!

Sadly…we didn’t get to see Emma because her flight got delayed and she got in much later than expected! But it’s ok because we get to see her on Saturday!


Sunday we slept in and it was super nice!

I had my shake for breakfast and an apple for my morning snack!

For lunch I made a turkey burger, sweet potatoes, and broccoli! It was yummy and super easy!

I took a nap sometime after lunch. It was rather wonderful! I hadn’t taken a nap in a really long time! I woke up an realized I hadn’t had a snack so I ate some fruit.

We decided to go over to our friend’s house for supper so the dogs could play and we could hang out! We made grilled chicken, sweet corn, and sautéed veggies (onions, green peppers, and zucchini). We had fresh fruit for dessert! Dinner was really good! The chicken turned out super good and the sweet corn and most of the other veggies were from Jenae’s mom’s garden! So wonderful!

Bea was pretty tired from playing with her fur friend Ember!

Bea was pretty tired from playing with her fur friend Ember!

I didn’t eat a snack last night because I probably ate a bit too much as dinner and did have some sweet corn.


Today was a busy day! Things at work have turned into crunch time!

Morning was a meal replacement shake.

I had peanut butter and celery as a morning snack.

Lunch was breakfast for lunch! i had egg whites, toast, turkey bacon, and some carrots. I didn’t finish all the carrots because I wasn’t hungry anymore.

My afternoon snack was a banana!

For dinner I had left over veggies from dinner last night and a turkey burger!


At work today I got both my bulletin board and my door decs done so that was exciting!

IMG_6399 IMG_6408

Tonight I went to two work out classes at Gold’s Gym! I went to “Butt and Gutt” aka lots of squats and abs! then to Zumba! Zumba tonight was a lot of squatting as well!

My legs are gonna be sore tomorrow!

Tonight after the gym I had some fruit for a snack! :]

I think I am back up to date! Only a few days left of the challenge! I can’t believe it’s almost over already!

24 Challenge – Update

Hey all!

I am now finished with day 16 of the 24 day challenge! It seems to be going by much quicker than I expected! I will admit that the temptation is getting harder to resist! There are some things that sounds really good about now….like a coke, or raising cain’s chicken, and sweet potato fries….but I have not given in. I keep telling myself I need to do this the right way and stick to it but cheating has become a big temptation! Jacob did give me a little motivation….

Recently the button fell off my UP 24 fit tracker…This has happened before and the company gave me a new one which is great but I haven’t even had either a year! So I’ve really been wanting the new Fit Bit Charge HR so Jacob told me when I get to 185 I can get one! Never have I ever wanted to loose 12 lbs so bad!!!

Every morning I have been getting up and taking Bea on a longer walk! We walk all over campus! Today we walked by Old Main…It was a pretty nice view! IMG_6352

In the morning before workI have been having the meal replacement shake for breakfast and I cannot get over how yummy they are. I have tried a few different kinds of protein/meal replacement shakes and this one is by far my favorite! I also tend to play with Bea a bit! She looks so cute with her toy giraffe! IMG_6361

Life has gotten a bit more complicated. Work has really picked up! We had our first residents move in TODAY! So crazy! Having a dog has made life a bit more complicated but in a good way! We are really loving Bea! Still working on potty training but I am confident we will get there soon! Yesterday we had an accident free day….not the case today! Yesterday we added a bell to the routine in hopes that we can train her to ring the bell when she needs to go!

Yesterday I tried something new for dinner! I made pizza! The pizza crust I made from cauliflower! Here is the recipe…from Pinterest of course! It was actually really good! Didn’t come off the parchment paper too well but it tasted really great and was made of veggies! The toppings were probably not as healthy as they could of been….we had turkey pepperoni, fresh pineapple, and cheese made with low fat milk. You arn’t supposed to eat much dairy on the challenge so I tried to put less cheese on the pizza than I normally do! It turned out really good!

IMG_6348 IMG_6350

Things I learned in the process: Cauliflower should NOT go in the garbage disposal. If it does it can clog your garbage disposal…needless to say garbage disposal – 1…Heather – 0.


This was after I scooped at least a cups worth of cauliflower out of a not draining double sink.

Today at work we had a working lunch so my boss ordered us Jimmy Johns…I wasn’t sure what to get. I normally get an Italian sandwich…the #5 Vito….but I know that the meat that comes on Italian type sandwiches is not the best for you! I opted for the beach club…it was a turkey sandwich with avocado! I was going to bring my own bread to switch it to but I forgot so I ordered it on the whole wheat…not whole grain but I figured it was better than the french!

I did have some yummy bell peppers for my afternoon snack!


For dinner I made Jacob and I grilled chicken! I ate roasted zucchini and squash with my chicken and Jacob had rice!

Tonight I went to Zumba too! It was really fun! I always enjoy Zumba! Instead of the crazy arm song tonight she did a crazy butt song! lots of squatting and holding and calf raises! Last night I went to the Abs Lab! It was only 20 mins but man do my abs hurt today!

After Zumba tonight Jacob and I took Bea out to play fetch! She had so much fun! I do wish it would have made her a bit more tired!

After we came back in I made some more mashed sweet potatoes! When they were done roasting I squeeze them out of their skin and when I cut one of the potatoes open it was white….aka NOT a sweet potato…I was a bit bummed but I at least had two other giant sweet potatoes!

Now Jacob, Bea, and I are hanging in bed! I don’t think I will wait so long to blog again! I like that blogging every day helps keep me accountable to sticking with the challenge. So I think I am going to go back to blogging daily and worse case I know my mom will at least read my blog every day! :]

Until Tomorrow!

24 Day Challenge – Day 3

Today is off to a good start!

I REALLY didn’t want to get out of bed this morning! I don’t know if it was the weird sleep I had last night or a combination of Zumba and the 21 Day Fix workouts but I had to drag myself out of bed! I did have some interesting dreams where I became the new Batman. Batman also decided to move to Lincoln! It was weird.

I also weighed myself this morning…Nowhere did it say to stay away from the scale! I am so close to the 100’s! I started at 202.2 on Wednesday! So not crazy dropping weight but a little bit! Small victories lead to a big one! Hoping by Monday I am back under 200!


Anyways….For breakfast this morning I had Egg whites (I got a little yoke in there on accident!), Wheat thin bread, and some strawberries! I almost forgot my Fiber Drink I was was so excited about breakfast! So I choked that yummy fiber drink down real quick!


Before I made breakfast I got the whole chicken I bought Tuesday in the crockpot! This is by far one of the easiest things I have every made!

Me ready to cook! (Apron made by my awesome mother-in-law Lynda!)

Me ready to cook!                         Apron made by my awesome mom-in-law Lynda!

Step 1: place crumpled foil balls in bottom of crockpot


Step 2: Rinse off Chicken (I don’t know if this is necessary but I like to do it)IMG_6105

Step 3: Season your Chicken.

I put the following seasonings on my chicken: Salt, Pepper, Paprika, chili seasoning, and garlic powder. I didn’t want to season it too much because I am going to use it for a bunch of different things! I also season one side while in the sink and one side while in the crockpot!

Step 4: Place Chicken in crockpot – belly side up!


Step 5: Cook on high for 4 hours or low for 8! Done!

My mid-morning snack was carrots!

OMGoodness! Lunch was soo yummy! I decided to mix it up a bit and made a salad. Now I am not a big salad fan unless it is covered in cheese and ranch and has minimal veggies. (Salads are a problem when you aren’t a cucumber or tomato fan)! I decided to try out a fruit salad because I had a ton in the fridge! My salad consisted of spinach, romaine, strawberries, blueberries, kiwi, poppy seed dressing (I bought the one with the least amount of Sugar maybe next time I’ll look up how to make it myself!), chicken left over from my lunch on Wednesday, quinoa, and some almonds to make up some of the protein since I didn’t have a whole portion of chicken!

This was also my first time having and preparing quinoa! That was an interesting time. Problem #1: the lid blew off in the microwave. Problem #2: After 4 minutes you are supposed to stir it so when I opened the microwave a good portion of the quinoa was on the microwave plate! Oh my! So I cleaned that up and found a bigger bowl and started over! It was actually pretty good! I wasn’t sure how I would feel about it on a salad but I think it was awesome on a salad!

I am not the best at making food look pretty for the camera!

I am not the best at making food look             pretty for the camera!

Afternoon snack today was some green apple spark and 16 almonds! Trying to stay away from fruit for snacks today since I had so much at lunch!

I decided to do a little shopping right after work! Although the shopping was fun the whole time I was rather hungry. I learned that I either need to eat dinner before shopping or bring a snack because there were no healthy snacks in site at any of the stores I went to! Even the trail mix I thought would be a good option had 10g of sugar!

So when I finally made it home at 6:30 there was no way I was going to wait another 20 mins at least to cook the fish I was planning on having for dinner! So I immediately pulled out a baggies of carrots to subdue my hunger a bit while I made my actual dinner.

The chicken that I put in the crockpot was the perfect thing to have for dinner but I didn’t want just plain chicken! Then I remembered my friend Tegan texted a link to her favorite Turkey Taco recipe! So I mixed up my own taco seasoning from the recipe minus the tomato sauce, onion, and peppers and cooked the chicken with the season and some water for a few mins! Instead of tortillas I used romaine lettuce for my shells! I added some avocado and just a little low fat cheese! They were so good! I couldn’t believe that I just threw that together! Chicken Lettuce Tacos

After dinner I went over to Jenae’s to hang out…because we can do that now that we live in the same city! We had a lot of fun just hanging out! We decided to make a snack that she had seen on Pinterest! It was roasted edamame with parmesan cheese. (I know I hit the cheese a bit too much today…at least it wasn’t alot!) Anyways…I didn’t take a picture but this snack was soooo good! It was like eating healthy potato chips! You can also make the recipe without the parmesan and season it in another way so I might do that tomorrow!

Tomorrow should be an exciting day! I am hoping to go to the farmer’s market in the morning, hit Zumba at the gym in the early afternoon, maybe get a hair cut, and do some more meal prepping! I’m hoping that tomorrow goes ok! With it being a weekend I am little worried about not being in my work day routine but hopefully it will go well!

Also…this is super random but I was able to get home for Dylan and Jenae’s without using a GPS. Moving victory!!!!


Until Tomorrow!

24 Day Challenge – Day 2

Well I made it through one whole day! That was easy! I did end up having my night snack after I posted last night! I had a cup of  strawberries!

This morning though I did not want to get out of bed! There was a crazy Thunderstorm last night and the continuous thunder and lightening kept waking me up…which is saying something because I am a heavy sleeper!

I started off the morning the same way as yesterday – Spark and the Probiotic! The Fiber drink was just as gross as yesterday!

For breakfast I had some old fashion oatmeal with some cinnamon, natural peanut butter, and bananas mixed in. I’m not gonna lie it didn’t taste the best but I was trying to get through it without adding any Stevia (I bought some just in case).IMG_6099

Then down to work! For my snack I had a green apple! It was yummy! Today at work I have been working on these for the Peer Assistants. They are supposed to look like a map of the Hunger Games Arena! Our training theme is Hunger Games!Screen Shot 2015-07-16 at 11.39.49 PM

For lunch I went home and made grilled chicken, broccoli (was better than yesterday), and a sweet potato. I didn’t look up how to cook a sweet potato until this morning and was a bit worried I wouldn’t be able to cook it and eat it in the hour I had for lunch but then I found this recipe! I used olive oil instead of butter in the foil and only put about 1/4 of a teaspoon of butter on the sweet potato and no brown sugar! Just cinnamon! It was actually pretty good! I also think it will be much better when done with a normal sized sweet potato rather than a baby one!IMG_6100

For my afternoon snack I am having celery and peanut butter! When I made my Spark for this afternoon I maybe had 8oz of water left in my water bottle so I decided to top it off so I could enjoy the Spark for longer!

For dinner I was gonna have fish…but then I remembered that I didn’t defrost it and I was too hungry to wait/figure it out so I made a turkey burger with avocado again and cut up a whole green pepper. My plate had lots of green on it! It sure did taste good! We will try the fish tomorrow! I immediately put it into the fridge when I got home!

After dinner I relaxed a bit and then decided to do the 21 Day Fix Upper Fix workout and of course I couldn’t find it! Thankfully I did end up finding it in just enough time so I could do it before I had to head to the gym for Zumba! The lady that teaches Zumba on Thursdays saves this awful number for the end of class called “Arms Up.” (I tried to find it on youtube to share but no luck!) Those are pretty much the only lyrics in the whole song and she doesn’t let us put our arms down! Needless to say my arms got a double workout today!

When I got back to the car I had two missed calls and a text message. (This never happens) My friend Bridget called to talk about our now FOR SURE plans to go see SHANIA TWAIN!!!! Now to find tickets! And my friend Jenae called to invite me hang out over at her friend Andi’s house! She lives a ways out but I am glad I went! We had fun watching Lip Sync Battle and she has two adorable puppies!

When I got home I was a bit hungry so I ate a few strawberries and took my herbal cleanse pills!

Tomorrow is finally Friday!!!I am super excited to meal prep this weekend! Jenae, Andi, and I also talked about maybe getting them to try Zumba or trying that class that is based on ballet! We shall see!

Until Tomorrow!

Grad School 45

People say when entering your undergraduate career it is expected that you will gain the Freshman 15 from the transition, binge drinking, eating in the dining hall….whatever else it may be. Unfortunately I had a similar experience due to the stress and craziness of grad school. I gained around 45 pounds in my 2 years in grad school and I am ready for them to be gone. I have also had a hard time finding time to make eating well and working out a priority in those last two years. That all is changing now. I recently started my new position at Nebraska Wesleyan University in Lincoln, NE as a Residential Education Coordinator (just like a hall director). And with this new start I decided to build my routine with eating well and working out in it from the beginning rather than getting too settled in my ways and not wanting to do either!

Therefore….I have joined Gold’s Gym! There is a gym on campus I have access to but as a student affairs professional it will be nice to be able to get off campus away from students for an hour a day to have a little time away! And it is close enough to campus that it fall in my duty circumference of campus!!! (Heather for the win!) I also signed up to do the 24-day Challenge by Advocare! I am super excited for that box to arrive this week so I can start planning meals and go grocery shopping!

With all of my free time not doing school work I am going to try and blog my journey with fitness and the other fun things I like to do like crafting and cooking!

Beginning of Grad School End of Grad School

Beginning of Grad School    vs.    End of Grad School

Non-stop crafting

Since I arrived at my internship three weeks ago I have been doing nothing but wedding prep. I even drove home a few weeks ago from Chicago so I could meet with our venue (in Iowa City) and our rental place (in Des Moines). I spent a good 13 hours in the car that weekend. On a positive note things are coming together for the wedding especially all of the things that needed to be made. My soon to be mother and sister in law have been crafting a bunch of fun stuff and my mom is also spending ALL of her free time doing a different type of crafting! (I don’t want to give away what she is working on)

In the last three weeks I have made a sign for our gift table, made our cake topper and cake flowers, made the wreaths for the barn doors, printed all of our favor tags, started printing our programs, started stamping names on cup tags, and painted a few frames…I think that is all. My friend Cassie even came over to help me finish some crafting! I’m gonna use this post to show you my inspiration for my craft projects and how my own versions turned out!

Gift Table Sign

Jacob’s grandparents gave us their old mailbox! It is definitely old but I think that is why I like it so much! It also has “Kreutzer” written on one side and “Ron F. Kreutzer” on the other side along with some beautiful rust! I originally was going to make some kind of banner for the mailbox but decided I didn’t want to change the mail box. I found this photo on pinterest and pretty much made the same sign for us…I think I nailed it!

c41a550769164e05af715515ec17a654 IMG_3259

Cake Topper

Jacob and I have gone back and forth about cake toppers. I really wanted to make the bride and groom out of clothespins. Jacob really wanted to use a willow tree. Since this wedding is very me I agreed we could use a willow tree (Jacob should have some input) but then when we decided to do cupcakes and just have a small cake for the wedding. Small cakes and 10 inch willow trees do not really work together so we decided to just put the willow on the table and use a different cake topper. We then spent one evening looking on etsy for cake toppers. Jacob and I have different tastes so we looks at everything from letters made out of wires to giraffes and dinosaur bride and grooms!

IMG_3208 IMG_3206 IMG_3202

Finally I found a distressed wooden letter and burlap flowers that Jacob didn’t hate but they wanted $37 for it.

Screen Shot 2014-06-09 at 3.42.17 PM Screen Shot 2014-06-09 at 3.42.05 PM

I thought to myself that $37 for that was ridculous and decided that I could make it myself!

Letter: $2.99

Burlap: Already had

Paint: Already had

Sand Paper: $2.99

This was so easy to make I painted the K brown and then coral. (I painted three layers of coral onto the K so you couldn’t see the brown but realized that was not the best idea. It was much more difficult to sand down to the brown layer.) Then you just distress the letter with the sand paper to your taste.

I’ve made many flowers before so that was not difficult…messy but easy. You can follow this link to learn how to make the style of flower. The burlap was dense so I only was able to get three petals on the second row and didn’t add the center. Here is the final product. I saved $31 and nailed it! :] And got two flowers instead of one!

IMG_3265 IMG_3267

Barn Wreaths

I found these wreaths on pinterst forever ago. I was bound and determined to make them! Again the burlap flowers were easy but very messy and time consuming. These flowers are a different kind and you can find directions to how to make them here. Your spirals will need to be very big. Mine had at least 6 rings. Once you’ve made the flowers I just hot glued them to wreaths that I had bought at the craft store.



IMG_3242 IMG_3245 IMG_3248

My version!

Wedding Jewelry

I also found my jewelry on Etsy. It was also out of my price range. They wanted $59 for each of these necklaces!

Screen Shot 2014-06-09 at 6.52.21 PM Screen Shot 2014-06-09 at 6.52.14 PM

They are gorgeous but not worth $59 when I could make it myself. My mother in law to be game me the extra pearls from making my belt and I bought rhinestones strands and another fun strand of beads. I don’t remember how much it cost but no where close to $59. And I made a bracelet. I attached all the strands to a ring on one side and braided them. At first I only did around three braids and they would become unbraided so you have to braid them tight and until you cannot braid anymore. For mind instead of using a ribbon I made a chain because I don’t want a tail on my neck the day of. :]

Here is my version necklace and bracelet.


IMG_3225   IMG_3233

I think that is about all the share worthy crafting I have done lately. I have decided that some time in my life I could open an Etsy shop and make LOTS of money! Maybe after grad school…. :]