The Wedding

Whoa. That was fast.

When Jacob and I set the date for our wedding it seemed sooo far away. Alot has happened from the proposal to when we said I do. I graduated undergrad, moved to Missouri, started a new job and school, made new friends, transitioned to being a long distance friend with my college friends, lived too far from Jacob, and interned in Chicago.

Jacob has alot of things happen to including finding out he couldn’t student teach two weeks before he was supposed to start, stopping out for a semester, student teaching in Missouri, and being able to live back home on an off for the past year.

Lots of changes. Some together. Some apart.

Regardless. It went by quickly. In the moment it didn’t seem quick but looking back it feels like yesterday.

Two weeks ago Sunday we finally got married. They tell you that day will go by super fast and it does. It starts and ends before you know it. The whole weekend went fast. Thursday we crafted. Friday we made LOTS of cupcakes and had our Bachelor/Bachelorette parties, Saturday we rehearsed and crafted lots more, and Sunday was the big day.

Everyone kept telling me I was a pretty easy bride to work with. The whole time planning I just wanted our friends and family to enjoy the experience of being in our wedding and I didn’t want them to have to break the bank to do it. We were already asking them to travel to Iowa!

I also think I was pretty calm throughout the weekend. Everyone else seemed to be worrying about different things such as if it was going to rain or not, that the flowers looked a little sad, that my hair kept falling because of the humidity (we re-curled it 2 times that day – THANKS CHRISTY!), whether everything would get set up, that the venue told us we couldn’t use the sparklers, how exactly I wanted the venue set up, and whatever else came up. At that point I was just thinking or telling…Use your best judgement. Yes I was praying it wouldn’t rain but if it did…what can you do. Yeah the daisy’s didn’t look super great but they weren’t dead. All of these things were not things that I could have changed. And that was ok.

Lynda (my new mother-in-law) was super worried about setting up the morning of the event. We had an army coming to set up. Lot’s of the Kreutzer’s family friends were coming to help, we had family, friends, and most of the bridal party there and man did everyone step up and make that place look better than it already does. The guys working the barn that morning told me that this was the biggest set up crew they had ever seen for a wedding for 180 people. I think that goes to show just how special the people we have in our life are. Without them our day would not of come together as well as it did. I may not have had a master plan of where each thing would go but I had a vision of eclectic rustic stuff on each table and I could not of dreamed of anything more wonderful than what we ended up with. I have gotten so many compliments about how beautiful the decor was and I may have had the idea but I would never of had the execution without all the people that came to help that morning. So THANK YOU! From the bottom of my heart thank you! I could say thank you everyday and that still wouldn’t be enough thank you’s!

I only had one “bridezilla” moment…that i know of. We had just re-curled my hair and all the bridesmaids were telling me how great it looked and that I didn’t need to do anything with it. And I kind raised my voice and said, “I’m teasing my hair!” All the girls cheered and clapped that I had finally had a bridezilla moment. It also just happened to be while the pastor was waiting in the hallway to pray with us.

I’m glad that I can say that I didn’t go crazy when it came to planning the wedding. :]

Photo by Sabrina Nohling

I loved every minute of our wedding. I loved how all the decorations came together, our vows, that Tegan and not my grandpa passed out during the ceremony, the speeches, that most of the people we love were all together at once, that our food was delicious, that I got to do the wobble (much harder in a wedding dress), that I got some alone time with the husband during the day, that we had such an amazing group of photographers and videographers. I could go on and on. Yes, everything was not perfect but all of the little things, good and not so good, are great memories of our special day.

But the most important and best part was that I got to marry my best friend. Well according to my maids of honor one of my three best friends! :]


P.S. Our awesome photographer(s) and videographer(s) are still working but they both have put up previews!!!! Here are some links!!!! They both do amazing work!

Photo Preview

Sabrina Nohling’s Facebook

Cris Seu’s Facebook

Pat Alcantara’s Facebook

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DIY Wedding Invitations



This photo was taken from our friend and wedding photographer Sabrina Nohling’s instagram/facebook!

(If you are searching for a photographer Sabrina is awesome! There is a link to her facebook!)

Implied by the title of this blog I am getting married soon. Part of planning a wedding is sending out the invitations. I looked for months at different websites, on pinterest, in stores, on etsy, and could not find what I wanted that wouldn’t cost us an arm and a leg. (We are both still in school and poor) So I decided I was going to make my own because I wanted white writing on kraft paper. To my surprise printers do not print white ink! Who knew?  So plan B, I decided I would do a fun stamp design in white on the kraft paper. These wedding invitations were a hassle I will admit but I couldn’t be more happy with how they turned out!

I designed the different cards on a FREE website called picmonkey! Once I had the design I wanted I saved them to my computer and printed them on my printer!  It was super easy and they printed very clear on my printer! I can’t wait to read all of the mad libs we get back!

accom without stamp.jpgfront without lace.jpg

1.jpg Screen Shot 2013-01-03 at 11.36.02 PM

I sent Stamp Out Online the photo on the right and they took the border and made it into a stamp! How cool! The photo on the left is the design that I printed for the actual invitations we used!

That whole process of cutting the paper and designing the cards took awhile but sadly that was the easy part. I decided to stamp and emboss the invitations! For those of you that do not know what embossing is it is a pretty simple time consuming process. You stamp the paper with ink or a sticky ink, the sprinkle powder on top (kind of what you would do with glue and loose glitter), then you tap off the extra powder, and heat the design with a heat gun. The stamp I used I got from a wonderful and quick Etsy company called Stamp Out Online. I designed the stamp myself and they turned into an actual stamp! I would highly recommend them to anyone! I was able to borrow the heat gun from one of my Bridesmaids – shout out to Tegan! Now I had never embossed before so I had no idea what I was getting myself into. Some people even told me I was crazy!

When I went home for spring break I took about 120 of the invitations cards with me home to work on. (I didn’t have any of the other cards printed yet). I bought the embossing powder and the sticky stamp pad that they say to use and tried it out with my soon to be sister-in-law Christy. Sadly it was bad. The powder wouldn’t stick to the ink and it left the invitations really blotchy. So we re-grouped the next day after some intensive reading of online reviews of stamp pads. Perfect way to spend an evening! 😉 Just kidding! We ended up getting white ink this time rather than the sticky pad thanks to some reviews and man it made a difference! Over the next 6 hours I stamped and powdered the invitations while Christy heated them under the heat gun. I came back to school with 119 invitation cards done and way to many more to do.


Me with the 119 invitations I got done over break.

We had to get our invitations done in the next two weeks and there was way too much other stuff going on including school and a trip to Indianapolis for a Student Affairs conference. So over the next two weeks any time Jacob, my fiance, came over to visit he got dragged into heating the invitations. I figured he couldn’t screw that up because he just had to hold the paper under and watch the powder melt! He sure did complain alot though! I must already be good at blocking that out! :] We eventually got all 160 invitation cards, reply postcards, and accommodation cards done! Not to mention stuffing and addressing all of them as well! I’d probably still be working on them had it not been for Jacob’s help!


Stuffing all of the invitations! It took forever!


All three cards together


The invitation card

Although they were a pain to do I couldn’t be more happy with how they turned out! So many people have already told me how awesome they are and it makes all the time and work that went into them worth it! And now I am done and they are long gone and in the mail!


Special thanks to all those who helped me make these invitations – Tegan, Christy, and Jacob!