Life Update…Winter…Bleh

Well it’s officially spring. The winter blues blew out the open windows into this spring storm. This past winter was….CRAZY! I was very busy with works, helping to coach cheerleading, and just being a person. I didn’t get to the gym much not just because I was busy…more because it was just cold and I hate driving when there is snow! Some good things happened over the winter…..

  1. We got a new couch! (Except that they gave us the wrong kind…the chase is supposed to be on the other side! New one is coming in April)IMG_8113.jpg
  2. I got lots of crafting projects done including….our dining room light, frame wall above our bed, repainting our dressers, the book shelf I bought in August is almost done, and I decorated a window for our bedroom! (Pictures to come later!)
  3. I continued to loose a little weight and then as I got worse at working out and cooking I continued to maintain my weight! I didn’t gain it back! (I even managed to get back in my wedding dress this past weekend!!!!!)IMG_7974.jpg


    Left: March 26, 2016 Right: November 8, 2015

  4. We went to one of my bestest friends weddings in Chicago!!!!IMG_8024.jpgIMG_8025.jpg
  5. And a few weeks later we went back to Chicago to spend a long weekend with a couple we are good friends with!IMG_8248.jpgIMG_8276.jpg

Over the last few weeks I have found my grove back into eating better and being active! I think a few things have helped with this.

  1. The nice weather! We have had more beautiful days than crappy one the last month!
  2. My realization that I need to lean on God when I am struggling and realize I cannot do it all myself! ( I bought this book/journal called the Daniel Plan and it has helped me change the way I view my body!)
  3. I had another realization that I watch way too much TV. I’ve been known to make the excuse that I don’t have time but then realized for not having time I sure do watch alot of TV. I have made the decision to not let myself watch TV unless I have done some kind of activity whether that is a legit work out or taking the dog on a walk with my awesome co-worker over lunch! I am currently on week three and I have been working out 5-6 days a week! So I think it is safe to say that it is working and I am getting more done on my to do list!

Now for Spring!!!!!!

I have big plans for this spring! I hit the ground running with being active and I want to just keep running! I have decided to do another 24 day challenge through Advocare! I have gotten much better at being active but my nutrition game could use a little work after that long winter! Therefore to jump start the nutrition part this spring I am starting the challenge on April 11th! That way I have time to prepare and shop and really be ready to be on my game! If I can loose just 4lb during this challenge I will be back in the 170’s which means I am back in the top of the weight range I was in college! AHHHH that is so exciting!

I am soooo thankful that I took the challenge last summer! It has helped me loose 25lbs! I am ready to really commit to loosing again rather than just maintaining! Spring Challenge here we come!!!!


Left to Right: Before Advocare 24 Day Challenge(7/16/15), After Advocare 24 Day Challenge(8/8/15),  This Past Weekend (3/26/16).

**I would love for some people to join me in this challenge! If you are ready to make a lifestyle change and be a healthier you message me! I would love to tell you more about the challenge and how it has helped me and can help you take a step towards a healthier life! **


The Challenge is Done

Hey all!

Yesterday was my last day of the challenge! I can’t believe that it is already done! First though I want to talk about Thursday.

Thursday I cheated…I went to a girls night and we had fajitas for dinner. The problem was I decided to have a margarita like the other girls with dinner. I probably shouldn’t have but you live and you learn! I definitely enjoyed it!

For Fajita night I made homemade salsa and guacamole! They were both very good! The Salsa was a bit spicy so next time I wont be using a whole jalaepeno! You can find the recipes in the links above!


My last day was great! I had my meal replacement shake. Forgot to eat my morning snack! For lunch I had grilled chicken and roasted zucchini!

Bea and I match!!!

Bea and I match!!!

Lunch was probably the best part of the day! As I was making lunch for me and Jacob I was talking to him while he was switching out the laundry and he asked me if I was excited to be done with the challenge. I then told him no. I went on to explain that I don’t think I am done. I am not going back to my ways before the challenge! That I want to keep eating how I have been the last 23 days! As I was rambling Jacob snuck up behind me and kissed me on the cheek and put a Fitbit Charge HR on the counter in front of me! He went on to tell me how proud he was of me and of course I started crying. Man I have a sweet husband!

Pretty good for the day when I started the day at 5:30!

Pretty good for the day when I started the day at 5:30!

After lunch I had an apple and my morning grapes!

Sleepy puppy before the gym!

Sleepy puppy before the gym!

After work I went to the gym for a class called CSI. It was kind of like a circuit workout. And man was it tough! It also didn’t help that all of the people in the class were pretty fit and here I am over here huffing and puffing but I made it through the whole thing!

For dinner we make Chicken Tacos! They are really one of my favorites!


For my night snack I had a bowl of berries!

And with that the challenge was/is over!


Drumroll please! Over the last 24 days I have had some great results!

I started this journey at 203.8 lbs. (And that was down from the 209 I got to at my highest probably a few months ago!)

I am down to 195.6! That’s a total of 8.2 lbs! Woah! I also measured inches when I started! They had me measure both arms, both thighs, both calves, chest, waists, and hips. At the start my totals of all those inches was 235.75. As of today I am at 224.5 inches! That is a 11.25 inch difference! Woo Hoo!!! I still have a way to go but I am happy with the pace I am loosing at!

Here are the picture results!

IMG_6460 IMG_6461 IMG_6462

Now What?

Well first of all I need to figure out which Advocare products I want to keep using. I know Spark is a for sure but need to do some research on what else!

I also really want a coke. Not like a whole coke…I just want a taste!

And then I am going to continue to make healthy choices like eating more veggies and drinking lots of water! I feel that after the 24 day challenge I know better how to balance my diet! I am thinking about taking my new food skills and doing a cycle of the 21 day fix workouts! I got pretty good results the first time around and the nutrition piece could have been alot better!

I am also going to continue to blog but about other things too! I am hoping to start sharing recipes for things and craft projects!

24 Day Challenge – Day 17…I think

Today Jacob got up earlier than I did to help his friend with something so he took Bea on her morning potty walk and I got to deal with her hyperness while he got ready. Not to say that being a dog parent is as hard as a human parent because I don’t think that but I will say there are some very similar things…like not being able to sleep in anymore. I think the latest I have slept in is 8:15. And that wasn’t even really the time I actually woke up that was the time I finally dragged myself out of bed to take her out!

How can you not love this face?

How can you not love this face?

You also have to clean up messed. Whether it is an accident on the floor, their poop outside, or their toys that have ended up all over the house. You have to give them attention and play with them. They depend on your to give them food and water and you never really know what they want because they can’t just tell you that they need to go out or that they are hungry. I am happy that we decided to tackle a dog before a person!

Other than an earlier wake up time today has been good so far! Had a meal replacement shake for breakfast! On my second bottle of water and will soon be having an apple for my morning snack!

I also get to hand of the on-call duty phone today! I survived my first week of being on duty at NWU! And I get to go shopping for PA training supplies today during work! Could today get any better?!?! I also got my door decs for my staff almost done!

double flame or mustache?

double flame or mustache?

For lunch I came home and walked Bea! Today was her first time being in a kennel all day while I was at work because Jacob was gone. After our short walk I came in and made lunch! I made a turkey burger, broccoli, and sweet potatoes! Lunch was so yummy that Bea wanted to eat it! I didn’t share though! After I finished lunch Bea followed me around as I tidied up the apartment! I started the dish washer, wiped down all the counters, folded the living room blankets and threw aways some trash, I made the bed, put away laundry, and put away some other random things! It made for a very productive lunch hour! Before I went back to work I took Bea back outside before I put her back in her kennel!


IMG_6380After lunch I met up with my awesome co-workers to go shopping for PA training! We went to dollar tree, Walmart, and Sam’s Club. We got alot of stuff! I am super excited to start putting things together for the PAs! I can’t believe they will be moving in in a week! While we were out and about I ate the grapes I brought with for a snack and got a small pack of pistachios because the grapes were not doing it for me!

When we got back to campus we unloaded everything and then we hung out outside with Bea for a bit! Jacob and Dylan showed up from their trip today and Dylan brought Bea a present! A bear of her own! She has been playing with it all night!

For dinner we made chicken tacos. I had them in lettuce and Jacob had his with Doritos! I love this dinner because it is so quick and easy!

After dinner I ate the rest of my pistachios. Jacob really wanted ice cream and wanted me to go with so we went to Mcdonalds. I did get a ice cream cone but I only ate half of it and Bea ate the other half! She really does love ice cream!

Now we are laying in bed and I am crazy exhausted!

I am super excited for tomorrow because of the following…

1. Farmer’s market

2. Zumba!

3. Jacob’s parents and Josh are coming to hang out during the day

4. Emma (my Sister-in-law) comes home from camp!

5. Emma (and Josh) get to meet Bea!

6. It’s the weekend!

That is alot of awesomeness! I can’t wait!

But I am in desperate need of a good nights sleep so I am off to bed!

Until tomorrow!

24 Challenge – Update

Hey all!

I am now finished with day 16 of the 24 day challenge! It seems to be going by much quicker than I expected! I will admit that the temptation is getting harder to resist! There are some things that sounds really good about now….like a coke, or raising cain’s chicken, and sweet potato fries….but I have not given in. I keep telling myself I need to do this the right way and stick to it but cheating has become a big temptation! Jacob did give me a little motivation….

Recently the button fell off my UP 24 fit tracker…This has happened before and the company gave me a new one which is great but I haven’t even had either a year! So I’ve really been wanting the new Fit Bit Charge HR so Jacob told me when I get to 185 I can get one! Never have I ever wanted to loose 12 lbs so bad!!!

Every morning I have been getting up and taking Bea on a longer walk! We walk all over campus! Today we walked by Old Main…It was a pretty nice view! IMG_6352

In the morning before workI have been having the meal replacement shake for breakfast and I cannot get over how yummy they are. I have tried a few different kinds of protein/meal replacement shakes and this one is by far my favorite! I also tend to play with Bea a bit! She looks so cute with her toy giraffe! IMG_6361

Life has gotten a bit more complicated. Work has really picked up! We had our first residents move in TODAY! So crazy! Having a dog has made life a bit more complicated but in a good way! We are really loving Bea! Still working on potty training but I am confident we will get there soon! Yesterday we had an accident free day….not the case today! Yesterday we added a bell to the routine in hopes that we can train her to ring the bell when she needs to go!

Yesterday I tried something new for dinner! I made pizza! The pizza crust I made from cauliflower! Here is the recipe…from Pinterest of course! It was actually really good! Didn’t come off the parchment paper too well but it tasted really great and was made of veggies! The toppings were probably not as healthy as they could of been….we had turkey pepperoni, fresh pineapple, and cheese made with low fat milk. You arn’t supposed to eat much dairy on the challenge so I tried to put less cheese on the pizza than I normally do! It turned out really good!

IMG_6348 IMG_6350

Things I learned in the process: Cauliflower should NOT go in the garbage disposal. If it does it can clog your garbage disposal…needless to say garbage disposal – 1…Heather – 0.


This was after I scooped at least a cups worth of cauliflower out of a not draining double sink.

Today at work we had a working lunch so my boss ordered us Jimmy Johns…I wasn’t sure what to get. I normally get an Italian sandwich…the #5 Vito….but I know that the meat that comes on Italian type sandwiches is not the best for you! I opted for the beach club…it was a turkey sandwich with avocado! I was going to bring my own bread to switch it to but I forgot so I ordered it on the whole wheat…not whole grain but I figured it was better than the french!

I did have some yummy bell peppers for my afternoon snack!


For dinner I made Jacob and I grilled chicken! I ate roasted zucchini and squash with my chicken and Jacob had rice!

Tonight I went to Zumba too! It was really fun! I always enjoy Zumba! Instead of the crazy arm song tonight she did a crazy butt song! lots of squatting and holding and calf raises! Last night I went to the Abs Lab! It was only 20 mins but man do my abs hurt today!

After Zumba tonight Jacob and I took Bea out to play fetch! She had so much fun! I do wish it would have made her a bit more tired!

After we came back in I made some more mashed sweet potatoes! When they were done roasting I squeeze them out of their skin and when I cut one of the potatoes open it was white….aka NOT a sweet potato…I was a bit bummed but I at least had two other giant sweet potatoes!

Now Jacob, Bea, and I are hanging in bed! I don’t think I will wait so long to blog again! I like that blogging every day helps keep me accountable to sticking with the challenge. So I think I am going to go back to blogging daily and worse case I know my mom will at least read my blog every day! :]

Until Tomorrow!

24 Day Challenge – Day 10 and Day 11

Hey all! I can tell my blog is getting a bit repetitive so I might not be posting as often about my challenge but I am going to still post every couple days!

Yesterday was a good day! I had my last nasty fiber drink and used the rest of the OJ I had left so it wasn’t too bad at all!

For breakfast I had egg whites, toast, and bacon. For my snack in the morning I had fruit. Over lunch I had a turkey burger on whole grain bread with avocado and spinach and green peppers on the side. In the afternoon I ate an apple!

In the evening Derek came over and we all went to pet smart to get Bea some toys and treats! Then we stopped at Denver Mattress so Jacob and I could go in an buy our new mattress! Shout out to Derek for hanging out with Bea in the car and letting us use your truck to get the bed home and up the stairs!

For my nightly snack I ate a banana.

Side Note: Our dog is adorable!


Saturday was a pretty chill day and the first day of the Max Phase of my challenge! The supplements change during this part of the challenge! There is a meal replacement shake instead of actual breakfast and alot more supplement pills!

The Advocare meal replacement shakes are actually really good! I got the chocolate kind!

On my way to the gym I ate a peach!

Zumba today was alot of fun! I was way in the back because I am on duty and I needed to make sure I could hear the phone go off if it did but after class the instructor told me I was doing a great job and that I should move up to the front! Woah what a compliment! It made me feel really cool!


After Zumba I came home and got my lunch of fish in the oven and hopped in the shower!

Dylan, Jenae, and there dog Ember were coming over so the puppies could meet so I had to shower, get ready, and eat really fast! I was able to eat my fish before they came and ate my broccoli after they left! The puppies played outside! They really got along great even though Ember is rather large compared to Bea.

They ran Ember home and we met up with them again at the movie theater to see Train Wreck! It was hilarious! I would highly recommend it!

After that Jacob and I ran a couple errands and then headed home.

I made turkey burgers for dinner! They were yummy!

I am hoping to grocery shop and do alot of meal prepping tomorrow for the week! We shall see how it goes!

I did want to share a bit about where I am at in the challenge since the cleanse phase now is over and I started the Max Phase!

I have made some progress so far! I am down to 198.6 which is a loss of about 5 lbs. I have also felt really great throughout this process so far! I am going to be really brave and share a before and now picture with you. There isn’t much of a difference but you can see a bit of one. I am being vulnerable so I am hoping it will be well received.

FullSizeRender (1)


24 Day Challenge – Day 9

Yesterday was awesome! To get the exciting part out of the way….WE ADOPTED A DOG!!!! She is so cute and wonderful! Her name is Bea (pronounced Baya). She is a shiba inu mix! Jacob named her after Beatrice from the Shakespeare play Much Ado About Nothing! Yesterday was also eventful because going to adopt Bea didn’t mean just driving down the road….no. We drove the 5 hours it takes to get to Valentine, NE! Valentine is pretty much on the border of South Dakota so we decided to make the most out of our road trip and made a few stops along the way which turned our for sure 10 hour car ride into about 17 hours. Thankfully not all of that was in the car but unfortunately more of it was!

That morning we woke up bright and early to get on the road around 7am! I made my oatmeal, peanut butter, and banana concoction and put it in some tupperware to eat in the car and grabbed all of the other snacks and things I needed for the day! Spark was really great in the morning! It defiantly helped me wake up!


For my morning snack I ate an apple and cheese stick in the car.

The plan was to make it to Valentine by noon to get lunch but we had to stop and get gas and put oil in the car (my car eats oil) so we left a bit later and didn’t get into Valentine until about 12:20. Around noon I was starving so I ate the green pepper I brought to eat for part of my lunch!

We finally made it to Valentine!

We finally made it to Valentine!

Valentine is a really small town so we didn’t have too many options for lunch but to plan ahead the night before Jacob let me pick where I wanted to get lunch! Believe it or not I picked McDonalds. You may be thinking oh no she fell of the wagon…but no worries I didn’t! I got their Artisan Grilled Chicken Sandwich without tomato or the salad dressing they put on it and no meal. Jacob got a Quarter Pounder with cheese, fries, and a Dr. Pepper. Once we got our food I pulled the chicken and lettuce of the wheat bun and put it on the piece of whole grain bread that I brought with me! When I was done I asked Jacob to eat his fries quickly because I needed to get out of there! The fries smelled SOOOOO good and I didn’t know how long I could last! (I did tell Jacob to not let me steal any of his fries before we even went inside!)

Jacob and I's lunch

Jacob and I’s lunch

my chicken sandwhich

my chicken sandwhich

After we were done it was time to go get our puppy! We met the woman in charge of the rescue organization at the vets office! We got to see her x-rays from before her surgery (she had to have hip surgery when she was just a little puppy!). And then we got to meet her! It was love at first sight! She is a super sweet and quiet little puppy! She is about 22 weeks old so she is still a puppy! After signing the papers and talking with Sherry (the rescue lady) about Bea and her microchip, food, toys, medicine, and the rest we were back in the car!

Not too sure of her new humans yet

Not too sure of her new humans yet

There is a really pretty water fall in a State Park about 20 mins from Valentine so we figured why not go see if we are right here anyway! So we headed to the State Park to Smith Falls and went on our first family outing/walk. Bea is very interesting on a leash. She likes to walk really close to you and then really far behind, and then really far in front! We will have to work on that! About 3/4 the way there she got tired so Jacob carried her the rest of the way! When we got down to the waterfall we got her to go in the water! She also did really great around all the people!


She move in my arms to be held like that! Silly girl!

She moved in my arms to be held like that! Silly girl!

At the waterfall

At the waterfall

IMG_6266 IMG_6254 IMG_6258

On our way back to the car we finally heard her bark. It was a very deep bark and didn’t last very long! After a water break it was back in the car to Shelton to stop and see our friend Bridget who was having a bad week!


Side note: If you have never been to Northern Nebraska I recommend going sometime. Yes it was a pretty boring drive but the scenery was very pretty and very different from the rest of Nebraska! We were driving through the sand hills! I also learned what a wall cloud is! Jacob knows alot about clouds and storms!

This is a Wall Cloud!

This is a Wall Cloud!

IMG_6250 IMG_6213 IMG_6226 IMG_6242

My afternoon snack was peanut butter and celery! It was good but Jacob did not enjoy the smell of peanut butter!


After spending a little time with Bridget we kept moving and headed to Grand Island! I ate some pistachios in the car because I was starting to get really hungry! We stopped to meet Sharon (Jacob’s Best Friend’s mom)! Jacob worked security for her last week and we stopped to get his pay check and introduce Bea to Sharon! Bea really loved Sharon! She kept walking around her and sitting at her feet!


By this time it was after 8pm. We hadn’t ate dinner yet and I was STARVING! I tried to call Panera to order our food on the way so it would be ready when we got there but their answering things kept telling me about how you can order online and I just hung up because I was so annoyed. So we decided to go through the drive through but no one ever came to help us so I had to go in while Jacob and Bea hung out in the car. By the time we got to the drive through i was HANGRY…aka hungry angry so I had to turn my nice on when I went into Panera because I don’t like being mean but I was super annoyed! I order Jacob his chipolte chicken and I got a strawberry poppyseed and chicken salad! I also got unsweetend ice tea! They have the best ice tea!


We finally made it to Jacob’s parents house and I ate so fast! I was starving! I almost forgot to take a picture! Bea enjoyed running around in the backyard and meeting her grandparents! I can already tell that Bea is going to be spoiled!

Love from Grandpa!

Love from Grandpa!


After we ate we finally got back in the car for our last leg of the trip home to Lincoln! Once we got home Bea explored the apartment a big and we all crawled into bed!


Overall it was a really long and exciting day but we were all super tired! I was really glad I stuck to my food plan the whole day! Even though I thought about caving when my hangry started to kick in!

Sorry in advance for all the dog pictures!

Until Tonight…since this blog post is late!

24 Day Challenge – Day 8

Hey Everyone! Today started out good!

I made eggs, toast, bacon, and berries! It was really yummy! IMG_6197

Today was probably one of the busiest and most productive days I have had in a while! I had two meetings this morning when my normal morning snack time is. We had both our meetings at this coffee house called Mo Java which was really cute. I was really good and didn’t get a baked good or froofy coffee drink! I did get some organic iced green tea! It was really good! I ate the snack that I brought! Carrots and almonds. I will admit this was a weird combo….but I just grabbed it in a hurry this morning!

For lunch I had a turkey burger, sweet potatoes, and green peppers! I will say my sweet potatoes are soo yummy!


For my snack this afternoon I just ended up having a cheese stick! I was so busy I forgot to eat my apple too! Kind of a fail on my part but it was better than nothing!

After work I got my hair cut before heading to they gym. My friend Jenae and I were going to go to Yoga but my hair cut went a little long and we were 10 mins late to yoga and no one was there! So we worked out our legs instead!

After the gym Jenae came over for dinner! I made us the lemon chicken and roasted zucchini and squash! I made Jenae some sweet potatoes too! It was really good!

After dinner we watched the Lego Movie! I had never seen it before and it was on tv this morning so I dvred it! It was so awesome! I love that they made a move about how we should be creative with our legos and not just follow the directions! It was so wonderful! Yay creativity!

I made Jenae and I some ice cream like stuff. The other day I food processed bananas to make ice cream but today I decided to try some strawberries out! They didn’t work as well so I tried to add a banana but it was still really crumbly! But it still tasted good!


Tomorrow Jacob and I are going on a road trip! There will be more about that tomorrow but that will really be a test of my abilities to keep on track with the challenge! Wish me luck!

Until Tomorrow!