Life Update…Winter…Bleh

Well it’s officially spring. The winter blues blew out the open windows into this spring storm. This past winter was….CRAZY! I was very busy with works, helping to coach cheerleading, and just being a person. I didn’t get to the gym much not just because I was busy…more because it was just cold and I hate driving when there is snow! Some good things happened over the winter…..

  1. We got a new couch! (Except that they gave us the wrong kind…the chase is supposed to be on the other side! New one is coming in April)IMG_8113.jpg
  2. I got lots of crafting projects done including….our dining room light, frame wall above our bed, repainting our dressers, the book shelf I bought in August is almost done, and I decorated a window for our bedroom! (Pictures to come later!)
  3. I continued to loose a little weight and then as I got worse at working out and cooking I continued to maintain my weight! I didn’t gain it back! (I even managed to get back in my wedding dress this past weekend!!!!!)IMG_7974.jpg


    Left: March 26, 2016 Right: November 8, 2015

  4. We went to one of my bestest friends weddings in Chicago!!!!IMG_8024.jpgIMG_8025.jpg
  5. And a few weeks later we went back to Chicago to spend a long weekend with a couple we are good friends with!IMG_8248.jpgIMG_8276.jpg

Over the last few weeks I have found my grove back into eating better and being active! I think a few things have helped with this.

  1. The nice weather! We have had more beautiful days than crappy one the last month!
  2. My realization that I need to lean on God when I am struggling and realize I cannot do it all myself! ( I bought this book/journal called the Daniel Plan and it has helped me change the way I view my body!)
  3. I had another realization that I watch way too much TV. I’ve been known to make the excuse that I don’t have time but then realized for not having time I sure do watch alot of TV. I have made the decision to not let myself watch TV unless I have done some kind of activity whether that is a legit work out or taking the dog on a walk with my awesome co-worker over lunch! I am currently on week three and I have been working out 5-6 days a week! So I think it is safe to say that it is working and I am getting more done on my to do list!

Now for Spring!!!!!!

I have big plans for this spring! I hit the ground running with being active and I want to just keep running! I have decided to do another 24 day challenge through Advocare! I have gotten much better at being active but my nutrition game could use a little work after that long winter! Therefore to jump start the nutrition part this spring I am starting the challenge on April 11th! That way I have time to prepare and shop and really be ready to be on my game! If I can loose just 4lb during this challenge I will be back in the 170’s which means I am back in the top of the weight range I was in college! AHHHH that is so exciting!

I am soooo thankful that I took the challenge last summer! It has helped me loose 25lbs! I am ready to really commit to loosing again rather than just maintaining! Spring Challenge here we come!!!!


Left to Right: Before Advocare 24 Day Challenge(7/16/15), After Advocare 24 Day Challenge(8/8/15),  This Past Weekend (3/26/16).

**I would love for some people to join me in this challenge! If you are ready to make a lifestyle change and be a healthier you message me! I would love to tell you more about the challenge and how it has helped me and can help you take a step towards a healthier life! **


24 Day Challenge – Day 17…I think

Today Jacob got up earlier than I did to help his friend with something so he took Bea on her morning potty walk and I got to deal with her hyperness while he got ready. Not to say that being a dog parent is as hard as a human parent because I don’t think that but I will say there are some very similar things…like not being able to sleep in anymore. I think the latest I have slept in is 8:15. And that wasn’t even really the time I actually woke up that was the time I finally dragged myself out of bed to take her out!

How can you not love this face?

How can you not love this face?

You also have to clean up messed. Whether it is an accident on the floor, their poop outside, or their toys that have ended up all over the house. You have to give them attention and play with them. They depend on your to give them food and water and you never really know what they want because they can’t just tell you that they need to go out or that they are hungry. I am happy that we decided to tackle a dog before a person!

Other than an earlier wake up time today has been good so far! Had a meal replacement shake for breakfast! On my second bottle of water and will soon be having an apple for my morning snack!

I also get to hand of the on-call duty phone today! I survived my first week of being on duty at NWU! And I get to go shopping for PA training supplies today during work! Could today get any better?!?! I also got my door decs for my staff almost done!

double flame or mustache?

double flame or mustache?

For lunch I came home and walked Bea! Today was her first time being in a kennel all day while I was at work because Jacob was gone. After our short walk I came in and made lunch! I made a turkey burger, broccoli, and sweet potatoes! Lunch was so yummy that Bea wanted to eat it! I didn’t share though! After I finished lunch Bea followed me around as I tidied up the apartment! I started the dish washer, wiped down all the counters, folded the living room blankets and threw aways some trash, I made the bed, put away laundry, and put away some other random things! It made for a very productive lunch hour! Before I went back to work I took Bea back outside before I put her back in her kennel!


IMG_6380After lunch I met up with my awesome co-workers to go shopping for PA training! We went to dollar tree, Walmart, and Sam’s Club. We got alot of stuff! I am super excited to start putting things together for the PAs! I can’t believe they will be moving in in a week! While we were out and about I ate the grapes I brought with for a snack and got a small pack of pistachios because the grapes were not doing it for me!

When we got back to campus we unloaded everything and then we hung out outside with Bea for a bit! Jacob and Dylan showed up from their trip today and Dylan brought Bea a present! A bear of her own! She has been playing with it all night!

For dinner we made chicken tacos. I had them in lettuce and Jacob had his with Doritos! I love this dinner because it is so quick and easy!

After dinner I ate the rest of my pistachios. Jacob really wanted ice cream and wanted me to go with so we went to Mcdonalds. I did get a ice cream cone but I only ate half of it and Bea ate the other half! She really does love ice cream!

Now we are laying in bed and I am crazy exhausted!

I am super excited for tomorrow because of the following…

1. Farmer’s market

2. Zumba!

3. Jacob’s parents and Josh are coming to hang out during the day

4. Emma (my Sister-in-law) comes home from camp!

5. Emma (and Josh) get to meet Bea!

6. It’s the weekend!

That is alot of awesomeness! I can’t wait!

But I am in desperate need of a good nights sleep so I am off to bed!

Until tomorrow!

24 Day Challenge – Day 7

I cannot believe I am already on day 7 and haven’t cheated! And that I haven’t wanted to drink a coke or diet coke that are still in our fridge! That is a big accomplishment because there are two things I really really love. Coke and ranch dressing and making a whole week without either is pretty impressive!

Today started not like I had planned. I was hoping to get up early to get a 21 day fix workout in because we have our home visit for a dog tonight and Jacob wants to go see Antman tonight so I’m not sure where working out fits into that but I way overslept….like an hour….oops. So that workout did not happen but I was able to get up, get ready, make breakfast, and still be to work by 9:30…which was only 30 mins after I woke up! Go me! I did have to take breakfast to work today but I still got it in!

Breakfast today was oatmeal, natural peanut butter, and a banana in one of my favorite mugs! It is giant and from one of my bestest friends Tegan! This mornings snack was some grapes and almonds!


I went home for lunch today and made grilled chicken, broccoli, and reheated some sweet potatoes that I made over the weekend! Side note: Have I mentioned how much I love having a George Forman grill? It makes life 10 million times easier!

After lunch I had a meeting with the Res Ed team! I brought my spark but I was thinking I would be back for my afternoon snack. I definitely wasn’t but it all worked out because my supervisor brought snacks in celebration of her birthday! She brought a cheese, cracker, and pepperoni plate and a big tub of grapes. I just ate the grapes although the other snacks looked really yummy!


For dinner I made Jacob and I chicken tacos! He hasn’t gone grocery shopping yet so we didn’t have tortilla shells and he said he was ok eating them on the lettuce! I decided to not eat avocados today because I noticed on my fitness pal that I was going over on their recommended fat intake. Although avocados are healthy fat I still shouldn’t eat them all the time!

After dinner we had our home visit for the dog rescue! The lady was super nice! It was interesting trying to explain our living situation and that it is ok that we have a dog! I don’t think she was expecting our apartment to be so nice! The visit was really short and sweet! At one point she mentioned that the biggest thing was making sure that we weren’t crazy and didn’t have animal cages all over!

After dinner I did the arm work out from the 21 Day Fix! It is definitely my favorite of the workouts! At this point I ate a cheese stick and was gonna grab an apple but I forgot it when we headed out to go see Ant-Man downtown for $5 Tuesday movies but it was sold out so we decided we will go later! We did stop at target on the way to the movie theater to get snacks…yes we do that. I got an apple (I ate this in the car) and Jacob got some pistachios. I had never had pistachios until tonight and let me tell you…they are sooo good! I am hooked! I had to stop myself because if not I would of just kept eating them!


Random Note: So last week when I was meal prepping on Tuesday I cut up all the celery. I remembered something I saw somewhere where you take the bottom of the celery stalks and put it in water and it will grow new celery! I am here to tell you that it works! It has already grown so much in a week! I am very excited to see how big it will get and if I can eventually eat it!


Now I am off to Pinterest to look up recipes and puppy ideas! My dog fever is super bad today!

Until Tomorrow!

24 Day Challenge – Day 5

Today was another pretty productive day after I finally got to bed. It took me awhile to get to sleep because I got a terrible rash on my knees from the grass and it made my knees feel like they were burning and itchy!


I got up a bit later than normal today so that threw my schedule off a little bit but I wanted to make sure I still got all 5-6 of my meals in so I just moved everything back a couple hoursish. I started my day like to I do every day by weighing myself. I was super excited to see that i met my goal of being back in the one hundreds by Monday a day early! Not by much but I am still under 200!!IMG_6161

For breakfast I had eggs, berries, turkey bacon, and a piece of whole grain toast! (Shoutout to Allesha for informing me that whole wheat and whole grain are not the same thing!) (Side note: It is really difficult to find whole grain bread!)IMG_6158

After breakfast I was kind lazy and laid around. I ate an apple on my way to the gym for my mid-morning snack that happened around noon. I tried a cycling class today at the gym. It was pretty difficult but I enjoyed it so I might go to another one! In 40 mins I biked around 14 miles! Also…if you didn’t know you sweat alot in a cycling class…..there were drips on the floor! Gross!

IMG_6163When I got home I made the same salad I had the other day! This time with the crockpot chicken that I made the other day! I also figured out how to make a salad look pretty. You only toss the greens, dressing, meat, and in my case quinoa and then you add all the pretty fruit and nuts on top!

I almost forgot to eat my afternoon snack on celery and peanut butter because I was being so productive cleaning up around the house and cooking!

For dinner I had left over fish from the other day. I learned a few things through this experience. 1. Supposably it is better to reheat fish in the oven rather than the microwave. 2. If it is indeed the better way reheated fish just isn’t great! It was very dry! Next time I think I will just make enough for one serving!

After dinner I did more meal prepping: I made mashed sweet potatoes and portioned them out into separate containers. I also cut up green peppers and put them into separate baggies, sliced more zucchini and squash, and made some roasted edamame for a snack later on! I also got all my Advocare products for the next 10 daysish into baggies! That helps me make sure I get everything in each day and don’t forget something! Our fridge sure looks ready for the week! IMG_6177

For my evening snack and because I heard that it was national ice cream day I made ice cream out of frozen bananas. It was super easy! You just freeze a banana in small chunks and then throw the frozen pieces into the food processor and it blends it into an ice cream like substance!IMG_6169

This evening I also worked on how to hang a picture collage on the wall! It was a process! I will be sure to post a picture when I am done! Our apartment is starting to feel more and more like home!

I also want to say thank you to everyone who has given me tips, tricks, and advice, to those of you who have commented your encouragement and kind words, and to those of you that have been following along! It means the world and makes this journey that much easier!

Until Tomorrow!

24 Day Challenge – Day 3

Today is off to a good start!

I REALLY didn’t want to get out of bed this morning! I don’t know if it was the weird sleep I had last night or a combination of Zumba and the 21 Day Fix workouts but I had to drag myself out of bed! I did have some interesting dreams where I became the new Batman. Batman also decided to move to Lincoln! It was weird.

I also weighed myself this morning…Nowhere did it say to stay away from the scale! I am so close to the 100’s! I started at 202.2 on Wednesday! So not crazy dropping weight but a little bit! Small victories lead to a big one! Hoping by Monday I am back under 200!


Anyways….For breakfast this morning I had Egg whites (I got a little yoke in there on accident!), Wheat thin bread, and some strawberries! I almost forgot my Fiber Drink I was was so excited about breakfast! So I choked that yummy fiber drink down real quick!


Before I made breakfast I got the whole chicken I bought Tuesday in the crockpot! This is by far one of the easiest things I have every made!

Me ready to cook! (Apron made by my awesome mother-in-law Lynda!)

Me ready to cook!                         Apron made by my awesome mom-in-law Lynda!

Step 1: place crumpled foil balls in bottom of crockpot


Step 2: Rinse off Chicken (I don’t know if this is necessary but I like to do it)IMG_6105

Step 3: Season your Chicken.

I put the following seasonings on my chicken: Salt, Pepper, Paprika, chili seasoning, and garlic powder. I didn’t want to season it too much because I am going to use it for a bunch of different things! I also season one side while in the sink and one side while in the crockpot!

Step 4: Place Chicken in crockpot – belly side up!


Step 5: Cook on high for 4 hours or low for 8! Done!

My mid-morning snack was carrots!

OMGoodness! Lunch was soo yummy! I decided to mix it up a bit and made a salad. Now I am not a big salad fan unless it is covered in cheese and ranch and has minimal veggies. (Salads are a problem when you aren’t a cucumber or tomato fan)! I decided to try out a fruit salad because I had a ton in the fridge! My salad consisted of spinach, romaine, strawberries, blueberries, kiwi, poppy seed dressing (I bought the one with the least amount of Sugar maybe next time I’ll look up how to make it myself!), chicken left over from my lunch on Wednesday, quinoa, and some almonds to make up some of the protein since I didn’t have a whole portion of chicken!

This was also my first time having and preparing quinoa! That was an interesting time. Problem #1: the lid blew off in the microwave. Problem #2: After 4 minutes you are supposed to stir it so when I opened the microwave a good portion of the quinoa was on the microwave plate! Oh my! So I cleaned that up and found a bigger bowl and started over! It was actually pretty good! I wasn’t sure how I would feel about it on a salad but I think it was awesome on a salad!

I am not the best at making food look pretty for the camera!

I am not the best at making food look             pretty for the camera!

Afternoon snack today was some green apple spark and 16 almonds! Trying to stay away from fruit for snacks today since I had so much at lunch!

I decided to do a little shopping right after work! Although the shopping was fun the whole time I was rather hungry. I learned that I either need to eat dinner before shopping or bring a snack because there were no healthy snacks in site at any of the stores I went to! Even the trail mix I thought would be a good option had 10g of sugar!

So when I finally made it home at 6:30 there was no way I was going to wait another 20 mins at least to cook the fish I was planning on having for dinner! So I immediately pulled out a baggies of carrots to subdue my hunger a bit while I made my actual dinner.

The chicken that I put in the crockpot was the perfect thing to have for dinner but I didn’t want just plain chicken! Then I remembered my friend Tegan texted a link to her favorite Turkey Taco recipe! So I mixed up my own taco seasoning from the recipe minus the tomato sauce, onion, and peppers and cooked the chicken with the season and some water for a few mins! Instead of tortillas I used romaine lettuce for my shells! I added some avocado and just a little low fat cheese! They were so good! I couldn’t believe that I just threw that together! Chicken Lettuce Tacos

After dinner I went over to Jenae’s to hang out…because we can do that now that we live in the same city! We had a lot of fun just hanging out! We decided to make a snack that she had seen on Pinterest! It was roasted edamame with parmesan cheese. (I know I hit the cheese a bit too much today…at least it wasn’t alot!) Anyways…I didn’t take a picture but this snack was soooo good! It was like eating healthy potato chips! You can also make the recipe without the parmesan and season it in another way so I might do that tomorrow!

Tomorrow should be an exciting day! I am hoping to go to the farmer’s market in the morning, hit Zumba at the gym in the early afternoon, maybe get a hair cut, and do some more meal prepping! I’m hoping that tomorrow goes ok! With it being a weekend I am little worried about not being in my work day routine but hopefully it will go well!

Also…this is super random but I was able to get home for Dylan and Jenae’s without using a GPS. Moving victory!!!!


Until Tomorrow!

Advocare 24-Day Challenge

24dayChallenge_FINAL  My Advocare 24-Day Challenge box arrived today! I am super excited to start this journey towards a healthier lifestyle! So today after work I went grocery shopping! I got to go to Trader Joe’s, because we have one of those in Lincoln. I also went to Walmart because although I love Trader Joe’s I am not made of money! I mainly shopped the outside of the stores, especially at Walmart. I think the only non-outside aisles I went in at Walmart were the Frozen aisle and the spices aisle!

My grocery list consisted of mainly fruits and vegetables. While trying to decide what to put on my grocery list I got a little overwhelmed at what to pic and what to make for my meals but I think I feel pretty good about where I am at.

When I got home…I had my last “bad” meal….Raising Cain’s. It is going to be hard to stay away from there! It is pretty addicting but I wanted to say Goodbye! I did choose the smaller option, opted for ice tea instead of soda, and didn’t get my usual extra piece of toast so I don’t feel as bad about it.


I then went to work prepping some of the items I bought. I portioned out my grapes, carrots, celery, and broccoli. I also cut up some other items like zucchini and squash as well as the box of strawberries I bought! I put everything in baggies so they will be easy to grab and go or grab and prepare later!

After that I got everything lined up for the meals I planned out tomorrow to save time such as throwing the frozen chicken in the fridge, measuring out rice and putting it in a container ready to cook.

I also put all the products I will need for each day into baggies so they are all in one spot!

I only really planned meals for the next three days to get me to the weekend. The husband is gone so I know I will have time this weekend to do lots more meal prep!

Today I printed some resources off of the Choose the Challenge website that Advocare has. One of them is a list of weight and body measurements. So before I was done being productive I pulled out a tape measure and got those done. I also took before pictures. (Sorry I am not brave enough yet to post those!)

Lastly, I set up a calendar in my phone to remind me when to take what and when to eat what so I stay on track. Some of the products you are supposed to take 30 mins before a meal so I wanted to make sure I don’t forget.

My plan is to blog about the challenge frequently. We will see how that goes! :]

So here goes nothing! Send good thoughts and prayers my way so I can stick to this challenge and make a positive change!