The Challenge is Done

Hey all!

Yesterday was my last day of the challenge! I can’t believe that it is already done! First though I want to talk about Thursday.

Thursday I cheated…I went to a girls night and we had fajitas for dinner. The problem was I decided to have a margarita like the other girls with dinner. I probably shouldn’t have but you live and you learn! I definitely enjoyed it!

For Fajita night I made homemade salsa and guacamole! They were both very good! The Salsa was a bit spicy so next time I wont be using a whole jalaepeno! You can find the recipes in the links above!


My last day was great! I had my meal replacement shake. Forgot to eat my morning snack! For lunch I had grilled chicken and roasted zucchini!

Bea and I match!!!

Bea and I match!!!

Lunch was probably the best part of the day! As I was making lunch for me and Jacob I was talking to him while he was switching out the laundry and he asked me if I was excited to be done with the challenge. I then told him no. I went on to explain that I don’t think I am done. I am not going back to my ways before the challenge! That I want to keep eating how I have been the last 23 days! As I was rambling Jacob snuck up behind me and kissed me on the cheek and put a Fitbit Charge HR on the counter in front of me! He went on to tell me how proud he was of me and of course I started crying. Man I have a sweet husband!

Pretty good for the day when I started the day at 5:30!

Pretty good for the day when I started the day at 5:30!

After lunch I had an apple and my morning grapes!

Sleepy puppy before the gym!

Sleepy puppy before the gym!

After work I went to the gym for a class called CSI. It was kind of like a circuit workout. And man was it tough! It also didn’t help that all of the people in the class were pretty fit and here I am over here huffing and puffing but I made it through the whole thing!

For dinner we make Chicken Tacos! They are really one of my favorites!


For my night snack I had a bowl of berries!

And with that the challenge was/is over!


Drumroll please! Over the last 24 days I have had some great results!

I started this journey at 203.8 lbs. (And that was down from the 209 I got to at my highest probably a few months ago!)

I am down to 195.6! That’s a total of 8.2 lbs! Woah! I also measured inches when I started! They had me measure both arms, both thighs, both calves, chest, waists, and hips. At the start my totals of all those inches was 235.75. As of today I am at 224.5 inches! That is a 11.25 inch difference! Woo Hoo!!! I still have a way to go but I am happy with the pace I am loosing at!

Here are the picture results!

IMG_6460 IMG_6461 IMG_6462

Now What?

Well first of all I need to figure out which Advocare products I want to keep using. I know Spark is a for sure but need to do some research on what else!

I also really want a coke. Not like a whole coke…I just want a taste!

And then I am going to continue to make healthy choices like eating more veggies and drinking lots of water! I feel that after the 24 day challenge I know better how to balance my diet! I am thinking about taking my new food skills and doing a cycle of the 21 day fix workouts! I got pretty good results the first time around and the nutrition piece could have been alot better!

I am also going to continue to blog but about other things too! I am hoping to start sharing recipes for things and craft projects!


Advocare 24-Day Challenge

24dayChallenge_FINAL  My Advocare 24-Day Challenge box arrived today! I am super excited to start this journey towards a healthier lifestyle! So today after work I went grocery shopping! I got to go to Trader Joe’s, because we have one of those in Lincoln. I also went to Walmart because although I love Trader Joe’s I am not made of money! I mainly shopped the outside of the stores, especially at Walmart. I think the only non-outside aisles I went in at Walmart were the Frozen aisle and the spices aisle!

My grocery list consisted of mainly fruits and vegetables. While trying to decide what to put on my grocery list I got a little overwhelmed at what to pic and what to make for my meals but I think I feel pretty good about where I am at.

When I got home…I had my last “bad” meal….Raising Cain’s. It is going to be hard to stay away from there! It is pretty addicting but I wanted to say Goodbye! I did choose the smaller option, opted for ice tea instead of soda, and didn’t get my usual extra piece of toast so I don’t feel as bad about it.


I then went to work prepping some of the items I bought. I portioned out my grapes, carrots, celery, and broccoli. I also cut up some other items like zucchini and squash as well as the box of strawberries I bought! I put everything in baggies so they will be easy to grab and go or grab and prepare later!

After that I got everything lined up for the meals I planned out tomorrow to save time such as throwing the frozen chicken in the fridge, measuring out rice and putting it in a container ready to cook.

I also put all the products I will need for each day into baggies so they are all in one spot!

I only really planned meals for the next three days to get me to the weekend. The husband is gone so I know I will have time this weekend to do lots more meal prep!

Today I printed some resources off of the Choose the Challenge website that Advocare has. One of them is a list of weight and body measurements. So before I was done being productive I pulled out a tape measure and got those done. I also took before pictures. (Sorry I am not brave enough yet to post those!)

Lastly, I set up a calendar in my phone to remind me when to take what and when to eat what so I stay on track. Some of the products you are supposed to take 30 mins before a meal so I wanted to make sure I don’t forget.

My plan is to blog about the challenge frequently. We will see how that goes! :]

So here goes nothing! Send good thoughts and prayers my way so I can stick to this challenge and make a positive change!